Defendant must first blow into the pipe

Defendant must first blow into the pipe

It’s not often that a defendant has to take an alcohol test before the start of a trial at the local court. On tuesday it was so. Otherwise, the man charged with resisting law enforcement officers appeared sorted and friendly.

The 37-year-old, who was declared fit to stand trial, admitted to one mab of beer at breakfast time after the test before judge alexander zenefels. Four points were raised by public prosecutor julia haderlein against the bad staffelsteiner. So he is said to have entered in july 2018 an apartment door, which was his, but does not belong to the rent resident. Damage to property therefore.

In august, on the other hand, he had entered a game venue in lichtenfels, even though he had been banned from there. When it was pointed out to him and he was expelled from the store, his behavior increased even more, according to the testimony of a woman employed at the restaurant. "He also ran riot." When police officers arrived, the 37-year-old man fell to the ground and said he was "assholing himself" see. The alcohol test at the time showed that the man was driving with 1.4 parts per thousand.

The man from bad staffelstein was also insulting to a police officer shortly before christmas. "You are stupid" and strong expressions came over his lips in relation to officials. But he also attracted attention this year: in january, he stole items worth 300 euros from an electronics store.

Again and again the man apologized for his actions and said that he was thinking of going to detoxification. This must have been urgently necessary, because already at the first charge, the one with the tur, he had been under the influence of "seven to ten beers" at the time of the crime confessed.

"Have you ever considered entering the apartment differently?", zenefels inquired with an ironic undertone and received a bluffing answer: "how then??" The man sitting in the dock countered the reference to the locksmith service with excessive costs for this service.

He also had a confession about the incident in the specialized store: "I was drunk and wanted to listen to music"." All in all, the 37-year-old, who had already been guilty of fraud, multiple thefts and damage to property, should not awaken any insight for preservation in haderlein. The prosecutor reproached him that he would probably not be impressed by a fine. She also gave him even less credit: "I have no hope at all that the defendant will go through with the detoxification."

Eleven months for preservation was the verdict for the bad staffelsteiner, which will also be under the supervision of a preservation officer for three years. In addition, the unemployed man has to perform 120 hours of work.

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