Csu sees stettfeld on the right track

The CSU stettfeld’s election event in the completely filled hall of the former gasthof stratz met with great interest. CSU district chairman and member of the state parliament steffen vogel was pleased: "i have been to many events in the context of the upcoming municipal election. But it is rare to have so many interested parties as in stettfeld."

Mayor alfons hartlieb presented the most important topics of his time in office so far, according to a CSU press release. According to hartlieb, who is running for mayor again, a total of around 7.5 million euros has been invested in the town over the past 14 years. According to hartlieb, stable financial resources are the basis for all future projects. "There is no point in building airlocks. Only when the money is there can we tackle new projects."

Above all, the completion of the sewer renovation had to be awaited in order to check the finances of the municipality in detail. Then we must first continue to invest in necessary projects, such as the reconstruction and modernization of the kindergarten, taking into account the current fire protection requirements, before tackling topics such as the design of the village lake, he explained. When developing new building sites, the goal in the future must be to keep them in the hands of the community until actual prospective builders purchase the land. Currently, there are almost 40 developed building sites in the municipality, which have been in private hands for years and are not being built on.

Praise for hartlieb

Steffen vogel (mdl) addressed current issues in state and county politics. The establishment of a technology transfer center in the habberge district is an important and forward-looking achievement, he says. This is an important sign for young people in particular, as such centers are used by major companies as a talent pool, he said.

For stettfeld, he sees alfons hartlieb as the right candidate for the office of mayor. In his time in office so far, he has been able to build up many important relationships in politics, so that he also enjoys a high reputation beyond the region and is known for his stubbornness and reliability.

Vogel also did not leave out the discussion about wood use rights. In his opinion, it was the right decision to allow this sensitive issue to be clarified so that a final decision could be made. Only then could peace return to the community.

According to vogel, the municipality is on a solid footing. Alfons hartlieb has proven that he runs stettfeld well and implements the right projects.

Peter frankenstein presented the 24 candidates for the municipal elections. It has been possible to put together an outstanding team, with which professions and generations are well represented. Many of the candidates are involved in the stettfeld associations on a voluntary basis, some of them in responsible positions. They are now well integrated into the community and networked with each other.

At the appeal for donations that evening for the lebenshilfe, which currently uses several buildings in stettfeld, those present were generous: 484.70 euros were donated.

In this context, alfons hartlieb described that after the fire in the school building, in which the lebenshilfe is housed, the renovation and cleaning work can start, so that the building can be used again from easter onwards. Until then, the stettfeld clubs had to be patient with the use of the gymnasium

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