Cribs in the change of time

It deals – appropriately for the season – with the representation of nativity scenes in the different centuries. Horst kreutz has photographed nativity scenes all over germany, including paintings, sculptures and stained-glass windows – all under the pragmatic motto "ways to christmas.

It is already possible to trace in the exhibition how not only the representation of the individual figures, but often also the message of the whole composition changed. In the photographs, you can see that the artists were often interested in small details that were worked out in a filigree manner.

Horst kreutz presented during the vernissage, which special features distinguish the nativity scenes, whereby he also showed an eye for fine details. In doing so, he repeatedly draws attention with a wink to things that all too easily escape the superficial glance. And so it became an instructive and entertaining tour through 500 years of crib history.

If you would like to see the exhibition for yourself, you still have until 6. January from 10 a.M. To 6 p.M. In the meeting room of the seniorenzentrum st. Elisabeth in munnerstadt the opportunity to do so.

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