So enthusiastic about sports young and old

In front of a large and interested audience, the departments of the gymnastics club presented an excerpt from their varied offer for young and old. The members convincingly showed how many possibilities there are to stay in motion, to keep physically fit and to practice community spirit.
The visitors came for different reasons. "It used to be fun for me, too", said a somewhat older visitor. Already the colorful entrance with the club flag and the matching music was worth seeing. Chairman jurgen gabelein, who acted as moderator, was pleased with the attendance. He emphasized at the beginning that nothing special was introduced for this sports gala. The only thing that matters is to show how the individual exercises are organized in the respective departments.
Winfried weinbeer, chairman of the sud-oberfranken gymnastics association and deputy BLLV district chairman, said that people are born to move. Therefore, the gymnastics clubs are indispensable. The "mixed gymnastics" made the start of the performances, which is heading for its 25th anniversary. Head of department hellmuth kiesewetter said that the exercises were for keeping healthy and brought a gain in quality of life. Using a pezzi ball, bucket and drumsticks, members performed spirited and tactful exercises that resonated with the crowd. "You could join in right away", said one visitor.

Fit through the winter
The department with the oldest followed with the "redwitzer turnzwergen" between two and a half and five years of age the youngest. Accompanied by their moms, dads or even grandparents, they had quickly conquered the hearts of the visitors. Head brigitte ammon stated that the aim was to introduce the participants to sporting activities in a playful way.
"Fit through the winter is the youngest offer, as chairman gabelein know dear. It evolved from the mountain bike group as a counterbalance to cycling, to keep fit in winter as well. In the meantime, however, athletes from all departments took part in the event. Director martin paulusch invited the audience to join in and quickly had a huge gymnastics group in front of him.
Enthusiasm was also shown by the "redwitz sports cannons, second youngest troop of the association, with their leaders elke jahnel, karin gabelein, alexandra martin and kathrin patzold. The little ones had already mastered their exercises on classical gymnastics apparatus, and many people watched with envy as they remained uninhibited.
Martin and nicole paulusch and lisa grunbeck surprised the audience with an extra performance on indoor bicycles. "Riding in the hall is good, but the land is missing", the head of the MTB-kids department stated at the beginning of the game. But with acrobatic exercises and the appropriate music they showed true tricks on the so-called spinning wheels and thus compensated for the missing land.
"The net stands", gabelein moved on to the volleyball department. Individual ball control, impressive moves and team play were demonstrated by the players under the direction of heiko wagner, accompanied again and again by applause. Heiko wagner and jasmin hagenbucher presented their "volleyball kids" as a rather young but already experienced department.

Popular nordic walking
Nordic walking" is still a hot topic, and hellmuth kiesewetter and conny engelmann showed the joy that this brisk movement in the fresh air can bring. While the members did their rounds in the hall, kiesewetter informed about interesting facts and important for the run with the sticks.
The transition to the "mountain bike kids" was a smooth one, who had their own sports equipment with them on their bicycles. Impressive was with the strong troop the safe handling of the bike. Depending on their age, the bikers demonstrated different levels of difficulty and technical exercises, from standing to jumping, under the guidance of their coaches anita and martin paulusch. Wheel control does not come by itself, but requires regular and targeted training.
With much applause the guests confirmed their pleasure in this sports gala, which was not over with the last performance. Many took the opportunity to linger and talk to the training managers and members.

Taking the heart in your hands

Preventable or fateful? In response to this question, dr. Wolfgang karmann an unambiguous answer: to the rough part avoidable! Something can be done about the risk of sudden cardiac death. Karl-heinz falk is the best example of this.

The huttenheimer is 69 years old. Now he sits next to the chief physician in the kitzinger land clinic and laughs.

And with good reason. The claim is not exaggerated: without precautions, without a quick intervention and without several medical interventions, the winegrower would not have reached this age.

Raoul korner remains coach of medi bayreuth

The medi supporters spent a long time speculating about what to do next with raoul korner. Now the certainty: the 45-year-old austrian remains coach of the bayreuth basketball league team. This was announced by managing director bjorn albrecht on wednesday morning.

"Those who know me know that this season has been very close to my heart and that I am not someone who leaves things unfinished, said raoul korner. "It didn't feel right to leave now. We are not at the end here." As the main reason for his stay korner gave besides his personal ambition the rough support from the side of the club, the sponsors and the fans.

Such an encouragement is "self-evident when you get into the play-offs and the top 8 of the champions league for the first time in 20 years". But having broad support when things aren't going so well shows "that I'm in the right place. Korner: "this also motivates me to continue and to revive the euphoria of the first two seasons."

Pavic: there is a lot of potential in this team

Almost exactly a year ago, ivan pavic took over as coach of the basketball team from bike-cafe messingschlager baunach, which was then at the bottom of the 2nd division. League prob stood. What followed in 2014 was a success story. The team made it into the play-offs and advanced to the proa as runners-up. The team from baunach is also playing well in germany’s second-highest division and finished the preliminary round in ninth place. The following is an interview with pavic and jochen hirmke, managing director of baunacher sport und event gmbh, on how the season has gone so far.

9th place at the halay point of the season with seven wins and eight defeats: are you satisfied with your performance??
Jochen hirmke: when someone asked me before the season if I would take ninth place at the end of the season, I immediately signed three times. We figured that if we won ten games, we could stay in the league. Since we now already have seven victories, we actually had to achieve our goal. But we have seen with our series of defeats that it can also go down again quickly. With a young team, the fluctuations are still extremely rough. That’s why we have to keep working hard.
Ivan pavic: we set two goals before the season started. One was to stay in the league, and the other was to challenge young players and give them playing time. I think we’re on a really good path on both counts. As a coach, I’m not quite as happy because we lost some games in which we certainly weren’t the worse team. What makes me feel positive is that the team has learned from its defeats. Especially in the last two games in leverkusen and at home against nurnberg, we showed some very impressive basketball, in which the young players played a major role. This is something to build on.

The team started the season very well with four wins out of the first five games, then suffered seven defeats in a row, but then won three games in a row again. What is the explanation for this roller coaster ride??
Pavic: the league was new territory for all of us. The only thing we knew was that this season it was the strongest second division ever. That proved to be true. The difference between prob and proa is immense, but the leap between proa and bundesliga is, in my view, not so great. Of course there are explanations for the series of defeats. We look at the things that went wrong and for which we are responsible. We had it in our hands to win these games, but we didn’t do it. Everything else are excuses and excuses, and I will certainly not discuss them in public.

Since the mid-1990s, there has been an agreement between lebenshilfe and the city of forchheim: the playground at the john-F.-kennedy ring can also be used by the public. But the new contract between the two partners leaves one question open. If the meadow of the playground "is not used as a football field", then the ball games will be lost may be used (as it is expressly stated in the contract), ball playing is then fundamentally prohibited there?

The agreement between the city and lebenshilfe was updated by the city council in the main committee. Rechtsrat till zimmer pointed out that the city had invested 69000 euros in 2016 in the redesign of the playground; and is also responsible for the annual tree maintenance. "Therefore, the city wants to be sure that the playground will be used by the public." And also the rough lawn next to the playground equipment.

A lot going on in summer afternoons

Because mentally handicapped people often play there, however, the people in charge at lebenshilfe insist that fubball be dispensed with. As daniel ruckert, the head of administration at lebenshilfe, explained to the FT on friday, there is "a lot going on," especially on sunny summer afternoons on the playground: "then another soccer match, that can become difficult."

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