Reichenbach – "our financial situation is very good. We have paid off our debts and are doing well financially", mayor karin ritter (SPD) was pleased, and had every reason to be beaming in view of reichenbach's once again very positive financial development. The 2014 budget has a total volume of about 1.2 million euros. 883,000 euros for the administrative budget and 391,500 euros for the property budget. The loan balance as of 31.12.2014 approx. 165 210 euros. This is offset by a reserve balance of 359 279 euro. Thus, the municipality has a balance of 194,069 euro plus.

High personal contribution
In her final report, ritter gave an overview of the most important measures and resolutions in 2014. The purchase of the digital radio for the fire department with proportional costs for the municipality of 4500 euros, the renovation of the inlet channel of the clearing plant, the purchase of a sweeper as well as the construction of a storage facility for municipal units. The decision for the construction was made in march 2014. To the 22. In december, the m acceptance could be completed with the installation of the gates. Although the invoice for the gates is not yet available, the cost estimate of around 25,000 euros will be significantly undercut due to the high level of own contribution.
The catholic church foundation was granted a subsidy of 1000 euros for the church clock. Further the new version of the cemetery statute and the fee order took place. The new fee regulation had become necessary after the creation of a grave field – the so-called green meadow. The funeral contract was also revised.
The final notices for the extension of the school street have been issued. Thereby one remained within the framework of the pre-payment notices. The extension of the street lighting to the cemetery was approved. In this context, the previously unclear ownership of the street lamp at the parking lot was clarified. After the street lighting of the municipality had ended at the parking lot, the lamp – due to a decision of the church council – now also belongs to the municipality and will be connected with the three new lamps.
The preliminary studies in the field of urban redevelopment have started. Discussions were held with the planner and events with the population, which already brought some ideas. Progress is also being made on the 825th anniversary of reichenbach, which is scheduled for 2015. The celebration will take place on the last weekend in july. "The jubilee should not be as rough as the 800th anniversary celebration. But it should not pass without a trace", explained the mayor. The music groups have already been selected. Some associations, institutions and private persons had already agreed to participate. Further details will be clarified at the january meeting.
Ritter included in her review a thank you to the head of the office, administrator thomas weber, to the employees of the administrative community of teuschnitz and the municipality of reichenbach as well as to all volunteers in the municipality for their commitment.
She thanked the municipal council and dean thomas hauth for their harmonious cooperation. The positive development of the municipality is also due to the good cooperation in the committee. "That was super", she praised and hoped that the newly elected board would continue to work together as it has over the past six years.

Building area

Nadja christmann from the bamberger buro fur stadtebau presented three designs for the future building area. All designs have in common that a multi-family house is planned. There are also 400 to 600 square meters of large plots for single-family houses with a size of up to 13 x 9 meters. The previous coarser growth is to be retained.

Council member peter jordan (uwb) criticized the fact that there is no reserve land planned for the northeast, which may one day be needed for the school. He is in favor of adding a community needs area here. Konrad kreb (CSU) is against the formation of a dead-end street and, looking to the future, would like to include reichenfelser strabe in the project.

Traffic circle is tested

After extensive discussions, mayor klaus schumann (uwb) once again summarized the wishes for change. It is agreed that variant 3 can be ruled out and that a mixture of the other two variants should be created. The reichenfelser strabe is to be integrated, with the consideration of whether a traffic circle can be realized at this point. In the future building area there should not be so many stichstraben as in the different variants presented. It remains to be determined how many sites will be needed and how many public parking spaces will be created. In one of the next municipal council meetings the incorporated changes are to be discussed.

Magical moments in the auditorium

At the invitation of the saaletal school in hammelburg, the magician zappalott made a guest appearance in hammelburg. In front of 140 children from the saaletal school and the elementary school am monchsturm in hammelburg, he thrilled them with his "magical" kraften and his well thought-out performance in the auditorium of the saaletal school.

The magician christian perleth from wurzburg fascinated the children with his performance. In keeping with the pre-christmas season, he secured the absolute attention of the small and large spectators throughout the entire sixty-minute performance with a coherent framework story about wishes, wish lists and the anticipation of christmas.

Endless paper queue

Magician zappalott whisked the children away to a land of wonder with his amazing effects: for example, he transformed some snippets of the wish list into a seemingly endless paper snake, which he pulled out of his mouth. An inconspicuous cloth became an endless number of candles, and candles ignited themselves as if by magic. Finally he fulfilled his super wish: it snowed in his "living room" with the consequence that a talking ice bar appeared as if from nowhere, believing he was at the north pole.

"We will have a lot of construction work, inevitably", expects realschule director gunter maier. More noise and stress than during renovations in individual wings, because separating the respective construction site section from normal school operations is not easy.
With these expectations, the idea of outsourcing the school or parts of it seemed obvious. Containers on the school grounds were under discussion. And the offer by the municipality of eggolsheim to temporarily relocate the forchheim secondary school to the lindner building in neuses.
The primary and secondary schools of the market town will be located there until the end of the school year, because their domicile in the town center is being completely renovated. Around 350 schools are currently being taught in the former lamp factory.
"If the secondary school comes, a few more classrooms will have to be prepared, about a third more, because the secondary school classes are coarser, eggolsheim’s mayor claus schwarzmann (civic association). A corresponding decision has already been made by the market town council with its offer. Eggolsheim wants to finance the costs incurred through rental income. Provisional specialist rooms could be set up. He has also thought about using the school facilities in eggolsheim, such as the gymnasium.
"Everyone likes the idea", schwarzmann is convinced. In essence, also director maier, who, however, does not want to anticipate a decision of the district council. He confirms the interest of his school, but assumes that the new building in forchheim will continue to be used during the conversion period of about two to three years. "The move is technically and factually good", says maier. Now the district council must decide.

Kiwanis distribute exactly 8184 doughnuts

All good things come in threes. At least as far as the "rosenmontags-krapfen" campaign is concerned of the kiwanis club concerns.

It is not unusual for bakers to have to get up in the middle of the night to get their breakfast breads ready on time. In the first hours of rosenmontag, however, master baker fritz dumler still had to fulfill an unusual order.

341 boxes

After he had to produce around 3500 carnival doughnuts in 2018 and around 5400 in the second edition last year, the challenge was even greater this year: at seven o'clock sharp, a good-humored kiwanis team with 14 members and seven private cars stood in front of his door to pick up 341 boxes with a total of 8184 doughnuts.

The people of weisendorf will have to get used to a somewhat exotic ride on the streets: in the future, a rickshaw will draw attention to itself. At a small ceremony and the church consecration the rickshaw of the zubzas was presented and put into operation.

Next to the restaurant "cabire the zubzas had lined up and were waiting for mayor alexander tritthart (CSU) to unveil the original indian rickshaw in his presence. "This is certainly the most beautiful rickshaw in bavaria", announced ernst klimek.

Zubzas want to build a school
Klimek of the zubzas was able to bury pastor lars rebahn, vicar james nangachiveetil and pastor maria reichel as well as a number of sponsors. Klimek briefly reported on the beginnings of the zubzas, from pen-pal friendships to school partnerships and aid for the whole of nagaland. A new project is now in the pipeline: a school is to be built in peducha. The school there is more like a cowshed, wrote father karippai from peducha. So the children were taught in winter at zero degrees celsius in a board shack – and that with about 150 children. The new school will have seven classrooms and will be built by the residents themselves (help for self-help). The materials for the construction cost about 14 000 euros.

Best entertainment at the secondary school

A truly summery party was celebrated on monday afternoon by the students of the realschule hochstadt with teachers, parents and friends. The percussion group loudly opened the festival and then you could stroll all over the school grounds. There was a lot to see and do.

A box race, spinning on lucky wheels, can throwing and goal wall pushing, face painting for children, balloon throwing and more were offered. A rough flea market, soccer target shooting, throwing games and a photo box were also on offer.

Posing in the photobox

In addition to the percussion group, there was even more music on offer. The musical-AG presented their musical "ausgetickt" in the music hall and class 5a received a lot of applause for their song "applause, applause". The 9f showed in an interesting vernissage on the second floor beside many poems, which they had interpreted artistically, also a live performance after the poem "two people" by eve merriam. Here, too, the three students received great applause. An extensive flea market was located in the courtyard and here you could browse to your heart's content. The mountain bike course attracted many brave cyclists and at the photo box you could pose for a picture. There was something for every taste. "An all-round success", said the former principal reinhard bum, who had mingled among the guests. Johanna blum

Under the motto "no advertising for dying yesterday a small group of the linksjugend bamberg protested in front of the graf-stauffenberg-school of economics. The protest was prompted by a vocational training seminar at the school, at which the german armed forces also presented their job description. The goal of the demonstrators, according to their statements, was to stop the "federal army campaign" to stop what they believe is a "militarization of education as well as society" fure.

In the run-up to the action, the school administration was also called upon by the left-wing youth to disinvite the federal army. Principal martin mattausch rejected this: "the event at our school has a long tradition, and the german armed forces have also been presenting their range of tasks for many years now."

The career advisor of the german armed forces, first lieutenant benjamin geifes, was relaxed about the situation. "That, too, is democracy, and that’s what we stand for as the bundeswehr. Everyone is free to express his opinion." However, such protests tend to be the exception. He has six counties to look after, from forchheim to hochstadt and habfurt, but he hardly ever encounters such demos.

Only blood donations keep him alive

With a small present in his hand and a big smile on his face, johannes kraus and his mother enter the pediatric outpatient clinic at the bamberger hospital – for the 250. Blood transfusion. For the nurses and doctors at the station, who already know the schoolboy and buried him joyfully, the family always brings "nerve food" with.

Because johannes’ body cannot produce red blood corpuscles, he is dependent on blood transfusions – at intervals of two to three weeks. But it’s not just the 15-year-old’s life that depends on donated blood – in bavaria, around 2,000 blood units are needed every day to treat the sick and injured.

As a baby, the now 15-year-old became paler and paler, according to his parents. After several examinations, the doctors were certain: since his birth, johannes from scheblitz has been suffering from diamond-blackfan anamia (DBA). "The chronic disease is a very pronounced form of anemia", explains ulrich glockel, a physician in the pediatric outpatient department of the bamberger hospital. The disease is usually diagnosed three to five months after the birth of a child.

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