Heynckes has been inspired in his home town of gladbach

Jupp heynckes was simply a human being. Built close to the water, emotional, full of ruhrseligkeit. In one of the most overwhelming moments of this bundesliga anniversary season, the always so composed and analytical soccer coach gave free rein to his feelings and let out the tears.

First his voice faltered, then his eyes moistened, and several times the 68-year-old reached in front of his face to hide something he really had nothing to be ashamed of. Jupp heynckes cried.

The reason was clear. When, after the 4:3 (2:3) victory of his bayern over borussia monchengladbach, he told of the reunion the night before with the gladbach cup-winning team of 1973, heynckes knew one thing with certainty: a circle had been closed. After 1011 bundesliga games as a professional and coach, an era ended in his hometown.

For klaus metz, his wife heike’s latest work of art has enormous significance. "It is one of the most important works that a rhon sculptor has created and that has ever left the rhon" he says visibly proud. The artwork is titled "tower of remembrance" and has recently been erected in front of the psychiatric district hospital in lohr. It is a memorial to the memory of euthanasia victims during the nazi dictatorship.

About 600 patients were transferred from lohr and murdered by the national socialists from 1940 onwards. "The suffering, the horror and the murder is not possible to represent artistically", thought heike metz, when she took part in the sculpture symposium "triennale schweinfurt fur zeitgenossische kunst" last fall approached the subject. A memorial for a place of remembrance should be created.

Heike metz decided on a tower rising upwards as a symbol of memory, which on the one hand constricts and holds, but also preserves, and on the other hand offers the possibility of widening the view in the upper part. The stairs on the tower wrap themselves around the memory like a clasp, driving into emptiness or colliding with the wall. "Whoever refuses to remember, evades and does not want to accept it, runs into the void or hits walls", explained heike metz. "An exit from memory, thus a displacement, always leads to emptiness, to nothingness. The tower of remembrance is thus a symbol of personal remembrance and social remembrance." The tower has a strong surface structure, symbolic of the fact that memory is always something living.

Man-killing vamps, disco bunnies and tight guys

The "coarse ebs carnival ball apparently only three editions needed, in order to underpin its call as one of the outstanding meetings of the french carnival in the region. If you thought you were a real fool, you had to be there in ebermannstadt, and that's exactly what happened.

What is special about the "ebser fasching"?? Certainly the many picture-happy women who, as american cops, cowgirls and man-killing vamps, or as schoolgirls, indian girls and disco bunnies, loved to break out the heat in many a male ball-goer's eyes. On the other side with certainty also the crunchy guys in the "chippendales-look, good looking boys and mature seducer. All this has led to the fact that an actually quite usual carnival ball has become a rough event.

"Sudamerican temptation
The only ones on this evening, which one could feel a little sorry for, were the many honorary aids of the wiesent jesters. They helped at the entrance, in the checkroom, in the service and of course in the kitchen. The athletes from TSV and moggast, who are used to physical strain and movement, mixed refreshing drinks until the early hours of the morning.

Gobmitzer muhle spurt the climate change

"The muhle rattles on the rushing brook" – these times are long gone in tranquil dobertengrund. Here, too, technology has taken hold, making the muller’s job easier.

The ultsch muhle on the outskirts of gobmitz, a muhle that has been in the family for ten generations, has also undergone many changes over the years. The dilapidated water wheel had to be removed and was replaced by a turbine in 1937; instead of the millstones, metal roller mills now do the work. In our own laboratory, modern equipment measures the quality of the delivered grain. And something else has changed and thus has a major influence on the work of ludwig and his son andreas ultsch, the two master mullers: the climate. "In recent years it has become drier and drier, which has naturally affected the grain harvest", andreas ultsch tells us during the tour.

Smaller, drier and sproder

The grains have become smaller, drier and more sprouted. It’s not just a loss for farmers, he says. "Normal is a base moisture of 14 percent at delivery – for the 2019 harvest we are talking about ten to eleven percent." Ultsch mullers prefer to be milled with more moisture, which makes it easier to separate the husk from the flour kernel.

The legendary silver mountain

Kronach- where the "tame rodach" from steinwiesen and the "wild rodach" from wallenfels, near erlabruck, rises the 518 meter high silver mountain. Originally called stiftsberg, it got its name from the silver ore that was once extracted from the depths of the mountain with blood, sweat and tears. Today, thorny shrubs and creepers almost symbolically cover the forest damage caused by the climatic curse and natural disasters of modern times on the steep slopes leading to the federal highway 173.

Along with weaving and flooring, mining was one of the most profitable industries in the franconian forest in earlier times. The mining of existing ores and rocks in the rodach valley is to be continued for the first time in the 13th year. The mining of lead was documented in the sixteenth century, when emperor friedrich II. To bishop heinrich of bamberg the mutation right on silver mines and "underground tithes" lent. However, the colliery does not seem to have taken off until around 1400. Under bishop philipp von henneberg, the mine at the silberberg was leased with all the rights to gold, silver, copper and lead to the miners and mining unions that were gradually formed.

In addition to the actual occurrence of the ores, two other factors were essential for their extraction and useful processing: the forest had to supply the charcoal necessary for processing and the flowing water the power to operate the hammer mills, which broke the ore-bearing rock and crushed it into a form necessary for smelting. The construction of the tunnels was favored by the deep thalers of the franconian forest. As a rule, it was not necessary to construct a vertical entrance shaft. This led from the bottom of the valley horizontally into the mountain.

Truck crashes into traffic jam

On thursday morning, another tractor-trailer hit the tail end of a traffic jam that had formed on the A 3 in the direction of nurnberg due to a construction site.

According to the police, two truck drivers were slightly injured and property damage of around 130000 euros was caused.

Against 6.40 o’clock in the morning, the 34-year-old driver of a romanian tractor-trailer failed to see the end of the traffic jam on the right lane of the A 3 in the direction of nurnberg. He hit another tractor-trailer, which he pushed onto a third truck.

If you have time, it’s best to go swimming. Otherwise, physical exertion should be avoided during the heat wave.

Also interesting: district of forchheim: will johannis fires take place in this heat??

The thermometer in the office shows 30.7 degrees. I don’t even want to think about the next date under the scorching sun yet. The sahara heat has franconia in its grip. Temperatures above the 35-degree mark are not uncommon.

Oldest pyramid of agypt reopened for visitors

Egypt’s oldest pyramid, dating from around 2600 BC, is open to visitors again after years of renovation work.

The ministry of antiquities invited on thursday to the ceremonial opening of the step pyramid of pharaoh djoser, located about an hour’s drive south of cairo near sakkara. Access for tourists will still be limited due to space constraints with about 45 visitors per day.

The pyramid of djoser is the largest structure in the city of the dead at sakkara, with a height of 60 meters. There were from 3. In the second millennium before christ, until the persian period, kings and officials were buried in the tombs. Pyramids were built for several pharaohs. Below the pyramid of djoser, a deep shaft leads to a tomb sealed with a 3.5-ton granite stone. Other passages led to rooms where members of the royal family were buried.

People prayed and sang, they listened to the prayers of the fathers, which were very much about tolerance and love of neighbor – and they listened when dean andreas kleefeld found very clear words in his sermon against the brown spook, which took place at the same time on the outskirts of the town: "we do not tolerate inhuman slogans in the coburg region", he said. And the 120 or so people in the packed church were happy to applaud vigorously at this point. But that's not the kind of thing you do in a place of worship. In addition, it should be on saturday also quite consciously a quiet protest, which is sent out. A silent, but nevertheless powerful symbol. And that succeeded.

The event of the right-wing extremist NPD did not take place – as originally thought – in the middle of rottenbach, but on the outskirts of the town on a parking lot near the forest. This area also belongs to the son of franz schwede, the nazi mayor of coburg and later hitler's gauleiter in pomerania. According to police estimates, about 50 people attended the meeting.

Reverend dorothea eichhofer-wunder, in her welcoming address at the ecumenical peace prayer, first addressed the criticism that had been voiced in isolated cases about the form and content of this protest event. She admitted that some had wished for a bolder confession than hiding behind thick church walls. But one should also not forget that many people were simply afraid to seek an open conflict with the right-wing extremists.

Two syrian ex-intelligence agents in u custody for torture

Two former intelligence officers may have to stand trial before a german court for the atrocities committed in the torture prisons of syrian president baschar al-assad.

The federal prosecutor general loved to arrest the two 56 and 42 year old syrians on tuesday in berlin and rhineland-palatinate. They are accused of crimes against humanity, the federal prosecutor’s office in karlsruhe announced on wednesday. This involves torture and physical abuse in thousands of cases.

It is the first time ever that german investigators have taken action against government employees for crimes committed in the syrian civil war. German justice minister katarina barley (SPD) spoke of an important sign. "The atrocities committed by the syrian regime can be prosecuted internationally," she declared in berlin.

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