After the funeral by chairman matthias huttl, mayor gotthard schlereth praised all those who take on honorary office and thus responsibility. He thanked TSV oberthulba for its energetic support in the implementation of the herbert neder sports park and also held out the prospect of renovation of the hall floor in the multipurpose hall.
For matthias huttl, the inauguration of the herbert neder sports park was a high point of the past year. He once again thanked all the helpers, also from the other associations: "this was a good sign for the village community."
In his further remarks, he praised the U13 and U15 girls’ tennis teams for their remarkable successes. In the field of youth soccer, all age groups are covered. A little worry about the 1. Fubball team, which is still fighting to keep its place in the district class. Here, trainer oliver schonwiesner threw in the towel during the second half of the season. Stefan eyrich-halbig and gunter pfulb stepped into the breach for him. The club has a total of 647 members, including 200 young people. He thanked all the companies and sponsors who support the club. After the reports of the department heads of the different sports followed the honors and the new elections. With the exception of the position of the getrankewart, all positions could be filled.

Thanks for commitment

After the election, matthias huttl presented a gift to each member who left the board or took over a new office, and thanked them once again for their tireless efforts. Looking ahead to upcoming events, he recalled the sports festival on the first weekend of july.
Under the agenda item "requests and motions," dr. Albin friedrich the word. He used his own example to explain how integration took place in his town 25 years ago and was pleased about all that TSV oberthulba offers for the integration of new citizens.For mayor gotthard schlereth, integration "starts first with the children". He thanked all those who had agreed to take on posts: "this deserves the greatest respect."

khedira's absence feared - gotze back in training

The real madrid midfielder was also unable to take part in training for the german national soccer team on sunday in berlin because of a muscle strain in his left thigh suffered in the 6-1 win in ireland.

Khedira was substituted at the break in dublin. He had been taken out of the game in time "before something completely broke", low had reported immediately after the game. "We’ll have to wait and see," he said of the regular player’s chances of being used.

Toni kroos could play khedira in defensive midfield on tuesday evening at berlin’s olympiastadion, as he did in the second half of the game against ireland. The bavarian professional confirmed his good form in dublin not only because of his two goals. The national coach will definitely make one change from the ireland game: captain philipp lahm will return to the team after his yellow suspension against ireland.

Up to 65 years in kolping's entourage

"Today we can honor several members for 65 years of loyalty to our association. That makes you members of the kolping family longer than some of us here are old!" With these humorous words, chairman matthias simon opened the series of honors at the kolping family in the context of kolping memorial day.

15 members were honored for more than 700 years of membership in the kronach kolping family. In addition, five new members were admitted to the association. Both, the look back into the history and the look forward, are important if the association wants to have a future, said the chairman in his welcoming speech.

A festive service, celebrated by the prases, city pastor thomas teuchgraber, with his kolping family, preceded the festive assembly. More than 60 members had gathered in the parish center of kronach to commemorate their founding father adolph kolping.

thanks to anton on the winner's podium

T he "building in bad kissingen" photo competition, organized by the city of bad kissingen, the main post and the saale-zeitung, the competition was a great success: over 30 photos were submitted. Whether love of detail or the overview – each was an eye-catcher. But: a decision had to be made. Now it is clear who won the competition.

The first prize goes to michael renninger from bad kissingen. Not to be beaten was the motif he chose: his grandchild anton, who turns three in september. Like all boys he can’t get away from the view of construction sites. And this is how michael renninger captured anton standing in front of a construction site where an orange excavator is burrowing into the earth. Funny: in his little hands anton himself holds an orange plastic excavator. For this great shot michael renninger gets to experience bad kissingen from above with a person of his choice in a sightseeing flight.

Second prize went to martina zurek, who works in the office of a construction company. She captured the quiet construction site on prinzregentenstrabe – and depicted the water reflection so perfectly that the perspective is confusing at first glance. What was also impressive about this photo was the wide variety of structures that martina zurek discovered and photographed here. For this, she and another person can spend a day at the kisssalis thermal baths.

Under the motto "my way of jacob in 90 minutes or how a saxonian presenter traded the microphone for the pilgrim’s staff" is a lecture evening in the series "culture under the roof at the monchshof. Speaker will be on friday, 8. February, at 20.30 o’clock marcus poschlod be.

Poschlod has been a "super-poschi" radio presenter in saxony for many years known. He has already worked with the cult duo bottcher& fischer, still a presenter at the station R.SA and is also at home on many stages as a presenter of various events and festivals.

What few people know, however, is that the man from leipzig regularly takes time off to make a pilgrimage on the way of st. James. In the past few years, poschlod has been to france, spain and portugal three times on the way to the tomb of the holy apostle jacobus in santiago de compostela. He covered almost 2,000 kilometers – naturally on fub.

Top or flop? Venice tests flood protection

Slowly, yellow barriers appear on the smooth surface of the water. On this calm summer’s day, nothing at all reminds us of high water here. But the "mose" flood protection system – like a bible prophet – is supposed to protect venice from devastating floods in the future.

Today, the project was fully tested for the first time and nearly 80 mobile flood barriers were deployed at three lagoon entrances. It is a symbolic moment for venice. The politicians were correspondingly coarse. Even head of government giuseppe conte came to open the test in the control room.

From the outside, "mose" (modulo sperimentale elettromeccanico) looks rather unspectacular. The control room is housed in a gray concrete colossus on an island near the lido. It is not immediately obvious that high-tech should protect the unesco world heritage site here. It’s only when you look underground that you get a glimpse of what a complicated undertaking this is. Rough, shiny stainless steel pipes and gray hoses run through a 400-meter-long corridor. Compressed air is to lift the barriers out of the water at high tide, which will then keep adriatic water out of the lagoon and protect the city from "acqua alta.

"We do not know exactly what the stones mean, but we must assume that they are the bottom layer of an old building foundation", says archaeologist anke kober. Together with her colleague reiner burkhard, she is documenting and surveying the uncovered stone foundation, which is located about one meter below the roadway.

For the redesign of the neubruckentorstrabe, it had been a requirement of the state office for the preservation of historical monuments for the city of ebern to bring in archaeologists in case of such a discovery, who then accompany the tree removals, explains reiner burkhard. "Archaological construction supervision" the whole thing is then called.
He hopes that the find will help: "it’s primarily about medieval ruins in the sandhofer suburb. This may answer the question whether the suburb had its own fortification wall?"

The two scientists have also discovered some old pottery shards in the excavation pit. And much more important: even a transverse wall borders on the find. But it can’t just be uncovered like that, because "we weren’t allowed to dig wildly, we had to stick to the construction plan, explains anke kober.
She looks forward to further discoveries during the upcoming construction work on the parking lot in the untergasse. These were then "more meaningful than here in the trench area, because the area there is post-medieval undeveloped".

Once a year werberg is open to the public – starting this year regularly every second to last saturday in july. The small village of rhondorf on the edge of the wildflecken military training area awoke from its slumber for the werberg meeting, which has been held without interruption since 1973. Even more than 50 years after the last relocation in 1966, werberg "has lost none of its magic", said isabell geck of the interessengemeinschaft (IG) ehemalige werberger (association of former werbergers).

It was a "mystical place of magic that we wanted to rediscover". 150 visitors walked the mostly impassable paths to discover werberg’s secrets. For some it is "sledding on the weiben weg and hardly come back up the mountain", for the other "the best fruit of my life. Werberg was not blessed with fertile farmland, but it was blessed with fruit trees, which the former inhabitants continued to help themselves to even after they had been relocated. So there was not a lot of fruit left over, but there were memories of a time in werberg that was full of privation, but still good.

Former residents met old schoolmates or acquaintances again. Every werberg secret is known to klaus penner, who had to leave werberg with his parents when he was 12 years old. He told of the trumpet signal that sounded from the old castle and called for the fire department to be called out, and of the way to school that "went up the black path and then slid down again after class on the slate" led.

Zu guttenberg's consulting firm - fierce reactions after reporting

Former kulmbach member of the bundestag karl-theodor zu guttenberg (CSU) is back in the headlines. First as an election campaigner, it is now about his consulting firm "spitzberg partners". The "berliner morgenpost had done investigative research, among other things at the locations of the company offices in berlin and new york. In particular, the reporting focused on the reticence to provide information about the business and structures, coupled with threatening behavior towards the editorial staff, but also on employees who were difficult to find.

The stone of pride: the report on guttenberg's company can be found here
in the focus of the "morgenpost-thurnau's honorary mayor martin bernreuther (CSU), who works as a managing director for the company, also took part in the research. Detlef zenk, a local councillor for the free choice party in thurnau, argues about this.

Letter from detlef zenk: shame on you!

"I have read through the report on the consulting firm spitzberg partners LLC three times, and I still don't know exactly what it's supposed to mean. Substantially I do not recognize any information worth knowing. So for me, there is only one reason why this 'story' makes it into the newspapers: mr. Zu guttenberg. A nice picture as an eye-catcher – and the report is already being read. Just as well could have been told that karl-theodor zu guttenberg sold his car and it is rumored that the reason was full ashtrays. What falls then that one? Quite a normal rainbow press with no journalistic pretensions, I would say – and the people concerned can certainly handle it.

Diw: plans for electricity price brake not a 'rough draft

“It”s not a big deal, because the federal government”s plans don”t address the real causes,” DIW energy expert claudia kemfert told the “passauer neue presse” (friday). The EEG surcharge on the price of electricity will hardly fall with the proposed reductions. “In the short term, a relief of 0.5 cent per kilowatt hour had been expected. This corresponds to one euro less per month for a four-person household,” kemfert calculated.

The EEG surcharge is also so high because emissions trading is not working and this is putting pressure on the price of electricity. "The higher the price of CO2 certificates, the higher the price of electricity," kemfert said.

At their energy summit on thursday in the chancellor"s office, the federal government and the states were unable to agree on concrete measures to curb electricity prices. This is what environment minister peter altmaier (CDU) had advocated. Merkel rejected a 25 percent reduction in the electricity tax demanded by the federal states. In their opinion, a fundamental reform of the renewable energies act (EEG) will not be possible until the next election period.

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