a new game brings back memories of napoleon's stop in kronach

A board game from france ensures that the historical connection between napoleon bonaparte and france, and especially with the district and the city of kronach, receives a little more attention outside the region. From today until next sunday, 28. October, becomes "napoleon 1806" presented to hundreds of thousands of visitors at the games fair in essen.

Napoleon in the city

Kronach, lichtenfels, bamberg, kulmbach and coburg also appear on the map of the strategy game. How close this depiction of napoleon's preuben campaign is to reality and what significance the french and their soldier emperor had for the region, is explained by alexander sub, a museum expert from kronach: "on the 8th of august, the french were the first soldiers in the region. October 1806 napoleon came to kronach", he tells.

There he had stayed for a few hours in the parish house. In the presence of high officers he rode to the fortress for an inspection at 1 p.M. He quickly chose this as the ideal base and possible retreat for his troops. From kronach, he finally issued the order to attack preuben, which led to the famous battles at jena and auerstedt.

The weekend in neuenburg was once again a state of emergency. The hamlet of weisendorf celebrated its kerwa for two days.
Since 1992, the people of neuenburg have once again had a kerwa in their town. Since then, christoph kern has been responsible for organizing the event, and he can rely on numerous helpers when it comes to setting up and preparing the event, serving drinks and working at the barbecue.
For the last ten years there has also been a tree in neuenburg again. Every year, the kerwa boys receive this from a farmer from hannberg, who donates it to celebrate the kerwa. The adults let the children go first, and this year too they were eager to do so.
Josef wenzel brought the tree to the small festival square in neuenburg with his deutz bulldog, built in 1958. Previously, the children had decorated the crown with colorful banners and wrapped the trunk with the french colors red and female. Moreover, a female/red flag with the french revenge adorns the top of the tree.
With the support of the adults, the slender tree was brought upright in a short time. The young kerwas boys wedged the tree in the hole in the ground with great zeal.
After that gerhard wenzel could tap the first barrel of beer. The first cruets went to the numerous helpers, without whom the festival could not take place.
Tables, benches, a stage and a tent were set up in the open air in case of rain. In the shade of the trees it was nice to linger in the pleasant temperatures and enjoy the food and drinks. An additional bouncy castle was set up for the children.

The sludge screw press and finances

On the extensive land of the clearing plant of the waste water association upper lauer north of poppenlauer stands for some months a third hall. It protects a so-called screw press, which was newly purchased and dewaters the clarified sludge from the clarification plants of poppenlauer and recently also from munnerstadt.

For a few days now, the plant has been producing a black substance that laymen could mistake for coal from the coal cellar. It is not combustible, however, because it still contains 70 percent water, and it is not odorless like coal. All in all, the new plant cost a good half million euros, which the member municipalities have to pay as a levy.

Dewatering more and more expensive

The clarification plant in poppenlauer produces about 8000 cubic meters of clarified sludge per year with a water content of about 97.5 percent. In the past, it was used as a fertilizer in agriculture, but this is hardly possible today due to strict regulations. Every few months, an external service provider used to come and dewater this clear sludge with his mobile press. The dewatered substance was then taken to a cement plant in karlstadt – not as fuel, however, but as a coolant for the incineration process. "Dewatering has become more expensive from year to year", mabbach mayor matthias klement (CSU), who is also chairman of the upper lauer wastewater association, explained at a local meeting.

Curtain up for the 3. Children's culture week

For the third time, many coburg institutions open their doors for children’s culture week. A varied program to participate in and try out awaits you from the 2. Until 8. November on all children between six and twelve years of age. Free admission to museums, guided tours, reading time, workshops and much more are offered during the vacation week to bring children closer to culture in a variety of areas, according to a press release. Mayor dominik sauerteig will also be actively involved in the children’s culture week with a children’s consultation hour in the town hall, where he answers the questions of the little burghers. "I am looking forward to being actively involved in the children’s culture week and hope to see many interested young visitors."

Local radio station radio eins is taking part in the event with a children’s radio program that will be broadcast for two hours. Small moderators are sought. Third mayor thomas nowak will also take part in the children’s program with a story: "the children’s culture week is a good chance for children to come into contact with our cultural institutions for the first time", says nowak.

The aim is to do just that and to give young people access to cultural education: "culture is an important component of education. Not every child has the opportunity to gain experience in the cultural field, but we want to change that a bit with the free children’s culture week, says bianca haischberger, head of the staff unit coburg – the family city and demography.

Markus haggberg A n the way to fulfillment, man has difficulties to master. Whether the fulfillment is worth the difficulty is, of course, another question altogether. But around us we find again and again the message of the fulfillment after the moo, and in us the readiness to believe in it. Whoever would like to read that of the fulfillment after the moo even carved in stone, may be shown this at the lichtenfels gymnasium.

"Per aspera ad astra" there is written in a stone what means to reach the stars through the rough. And just as one gets over adversity into heaven, so the stroller in the marketplace has to secure himself in two directions before he arrives at a treasure trove that offers glimpses into its interior and holds ready what has something to say about life: books, books, books.

It stands a bit unhappy, this new addition to the market place. The intention in which it stands, however, is good and carried by kindness. The principle that dwells in it is likewise. People, preferably those from lichtenfels, should take books out of the bookcase and, after reading them, return them or replace them with others. In this way, ideas and information pass from hand to hand, are taken away and put back again. Also somehow romantic, a romance in the small just.

hardened fronts: turkey reacts sharply to u.s. sanctions

After US sanctions against two turkish ministers over american pastor detained in turkey, ankara tightens tone against washington.

The turkish government will take identical countermeasures "without delay", the auben ministry announced. However, the government in ankara did not announce any concrete sanctions against the USA on thursday.

Interior minister suleyman soylu – who is among those targeted by U.S. Sanctions – announced he would bring islamic preacher fethullah gulen, wanted as a coup plotter, from the U.S. To turkey. "We will not leave him there. We will get it!" How exactly he might have done that, dear soylu openly. U.S. So far refuses to extradite gulen as demanded by ankara.

Apple with first profit decline in almost ten years

Year-on-year, however, this meant a drop of a good 18 percent. Sales increased by 11.2 percent to 43.6 billion dollars in the second quarter ended march, as the company announced after the US close on tuesday.

Apple sold 37.4 million iphones and 19.5 million ipad tablets in the past quarter. A year ago, there were 35.1 million iphones and 11.8 million iphads sold. Sales of mac computers stagnated at just under four million.

A slump in iphone sales, which was speculated about in media reports and analyst commentaries, did not materialize. Although sales could not be compared with the record 47.8 million iphones sold in the previous christmas quarter, the more affordable ipad is still a growth driver. However, business is increasingly weak after the festive season. The very strong previous year’s quarter was an exception with its profit of 11.6 billion dollars. This was partly due to the launch of the iphone 4S in china. This time, there was no such profit driver.

US astronaut sunita williams and her japanese colleague akihiko hoshide needed six hours and 28 minutes for the work in space, according to the US space agency nasa.

It was the second "spacewalk" for the two astronauts within a week, after the repair of the first attempt failed due to a jammed bolt. The ISS is now receiving electricity from all eight solar panels again, it was announced. Previously, only five modules had been working due to the damage; less important instruments had been switched off to save power.

Williams and hoshide first unscrewed the box, then reattached it more firmly and securely. In addition, the space shooters cleaned the manifold at a height of about 400 kilometers and installed a camera on a robotic arm. Three russian cosmonauts and another U.S. Astronaut supervised the risky manover aboard the ISS.

Where to put the clear sludge?

The topic of clear sludge has been under discussion in the rhonallianz for a relatively long time now. Now it should go a step further. Namely, with the signing of the agreement on inter-municipal cooperation in the field of municipal clear sludge processing and clear sludge disposal between the municipalities of the rhonallianz and the municipal utilities of bad bruckenau.

Mayor alexander schneider briefly summarized the content of the concept in the youngest meeting of the market town council on wednesday. The background is the increasing challenges of environmental and water protection. Sharply rising disposal costs and the fundamental reluctance of farmers and disposal companies to accept waste are forcing us to take action.

It is planned to draw up an economic concept for central clear sludge dewatering, including the quantities and times of removal at the respective sites, and to put the clear sludge transport out to tender. A pro-rata billing concept is also to be drawn up for joint investments in a clarifying sludge press and expansions or adaptations in the area of the clarifying plant in trubenbrunn.

Hope for ceasefire in syria

However, the al-nusra front group, which is affiliated with the al-qaeda terrorist network, announced that there would be no cease-fire between it and the assad government. The group had already claimed responsibility for bombings on several occasions.

Official syrian expectations were also dampened shortly after brahimi’s announcement. A decision will not be made until thursday, it was said in damascus. Currently, a ceasefire is being tested by the army leadership.

Brahimi expressed optimism in the egyptian capital. If this initiative succeeds, it could be the start of a political process to resolve the 19-month conflict, the algerian diplomat said.

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