Defendant must first blow into the pipe

It’s not often that a defendant has to take an alcohol test before the start of a trial at the local court. On tuesday it was so. Otherwise, the man charged with resisting law enforcement officers appeared sorted and friendly.

The 37-year-old, who was declared fit to stand trial, admitted to one mab of beer at breakfast time after the test before judge alexander zenefels. Four points were raised by public prosecutor julia haderlein against the bad staffelsteiner. So he is said to have entered in july 2018 an apartment door, which was his, but does not belong to the rent resident. Damage to property therefore.

In august, on the other hand, he had entered a game venue in lichtenfels, even though he had been banned from there. When it was pointed out to him and he was expelled from the store, his behavior increased even more, according to the testimony of a woman employed at the restaurant. "He also ran riot." When police officers arrived, the 37-year-old man fell to the ground and said he was "assholing himself" see. The alcohol test at the time showed that the man was driving with 1.4 parts per thousand.

Weisendorf senior carnival goes down well

By ortwin fischer

60 visitors – more than ever before – were welcomed by the weisendorf mayor to the 6. Ocumenical senior carnival buried. The first visitors arrived shortly after 1 p.M., although the official start was scheduled for 2 p.M. "Tritthart and friends had provided enough cakes and pies, the team of the evangelic parish under the leadership of margit gegner for drinks and a smooth running. For the mood music was ekkehard koch in preserved manner responsible.

Naturally, the weisendorfer blummazupfer were there with their purzel-garde – this time in pippi longstocking costumes – and the young dance guard. Because the purzel still needed some time for their subes outfit, kapt'n hans, alias 3, got into the car. Mayor hans kreiner, already in the butt. He told of man's best and indispensable friend – the handkerchief. He also told some senior jokes and asked quiz questions. The blummazupfer inspired with their garden, especially the still very loose acting furzel, while the dance guard already performed with much seriousness and eagerness. Before the veren marched off, there were decorations for hans kreiner and the 90-year-old and thus oldest participant otto mack.

The "thefelder kermes took place again last weekend. One of the high points was the "hofriedspielen" (farmyard peace games) on monday, the trachtenkapelle theinfeld paraded from house to house.

The kermes started on saturday with the well known good cake and a dance evening in the musikheim, while on kirchweih sunday after the festive service the trachtenkapelle, under the direction of pius ziegler, played the traditional stand concert in the center of the village. Like the stand concert, the afternoon cemetery walk is also considered a fixed event at the theinfeld church fair.

Extra vacation day taken

On monday, many musicians of the trachtenkapelle theinfeld took a day off, because they wanted to participate in the "hofriedspielen" be there. Even master mason peter saal from thundorf, who recently rejoined the traditional band, preferred to play along rather than be on the construction site. But also several former active musicians were present, which emphasizes the importance of the hofried in the annual program. The musicians also got to talk to each other, as it used to be, when theinfeld, with almost 200 inhabitants, even had two chapels, according to chairman thomas schmitt.

Neuhaus – when brass music can be heard throughout the village on a friday evening in september, when the kerwas boys run through the streets singing and drinking, then the people of neuhaus know: it's kerwa again.

For several years now, the boys have been opening their festival with the "kerwa zamspielen" (playing together at the kerwa). An action in which the kerwa is roughed in with the whole village. "We want to cultivate the french culture and customs", says local association chairman julian eibert.

The local association is five years old this year – and its 130 members had plenty of reason to celebrate. In the past, the kirchweih took place in a guesthouse in neuhaus. "We said as kerwasburschen: we want something rougher", explains eibert. That's why they founded the local association five years ago, which since then has also helped out other associations in the village and organized the entire kerwa. So they have also carried out various actions for the village and among other things put up village entrance signs.

The municipality of ramsthal will celebrate its 900th anniversary in 2022. Ideas have already been collected. So there could be a laser show or torchlight walks or vineyard in flames. Several meetings of interested citizens and club representatives took place last year to make preparations for the anniversary year. Due to the new elections of mayor and council, further meetings were delayed. Now mayor rainer morper had invited to a new meeting, which was attended by about 25 ramsthal residents. The tourism committee of the municipal council took over the preparations of the jubilee from the municipal side and sebastian wieber moderated the meeting.

Attach to existing festivals

The previous meetings had already brought together a plethora of ideas about what events, activities and activities could be carried out as part of the anniversary celebration. One of the considerations was to attach various events and happenings to existing festivals in the community in order to increase their attractiveness and not to compete with them. The festivities will ensure the appropriate supply and the additional staff will be limited. The aim is to include all ramsthal events in the jubilee in 2022.

No historical representations

The time of tent festivals for anniversaries is over, and festivals with historical presentations are no longer in vogue, according to the opinion of many of those present. Ramsthal wants to present itself as a village in a beautiful landscape with a future and an attractive present, but at the same time not lose sight of its history. For this reason, an existing chronicle is to be revised and supplemented.

online advent calendar with music: 'power to the tur'

It was a precision landing: the last recordings were made by the choir ensembles of the deaneries of forchheim, sulzbach-rosenberg and windsbach on the day before the second corona lockdown. Just in time, says deanery cantor gerd hennecke (sulzbach-rosenberg): "for a week we were waiting to see if we would be able to meet at all. But it worked." The corona restrictions had not been allowed to come a day earlier.

Because live concerts can no longer take place, church music must completely reinvent itself during the pandemic. This gave church music director hennecke the idea in august to look for an alternative for the expected lockdown in the fall. An online advent calendar was the result of his deliberations. "Power to the tur" was a joint project of the deanery cantors stephanie sporl (forchheim), stefanie hruschka-kumpf (windsbach), markus kumpf (windsbach) and gerd hennecke.

In the past few weeks, 24 video clips have been created that offer advent and christmas music from choirs, wind instruments, organ and solo singers. Also a recording with an alphorn blower is included to present musical pieces "that are off the mainstream", said henneck. Sometimes joyful, mystical or pathetic, they represent the bandwidth of the musical creativity of the three evangelical deaneries.

Gladiolus bleeding on the tables set with women, an enchanted fairy castle in view. A wide sky over a dreamlike scenery – and in front on the stage eight horn players from the festival hill. The concert in the courtyard could not have been more romantic, bringing a touch of bayreuth to wernstein, uniting the best german virtuosos of this genre.
The horn players from the sudwestfunk baden-baden and the staatsphilharmonie nurnberg to the gewandhausorchester leipzig and the deutsche symphonieorchester berlin reveal in the classical pieces by richard wagner, gioachino rossini, georg friedrich handel and engelbert humperdinck splendid wind movements, perfect use of jubilant brightness and deep dark crooning.
Striking these powerful hornerstobe up into the firmanent, balanced by the perky, leap-ready passages that sound like wavelike propagation.
Each musician masters his instrument to the last detail, it is high blowing art, what the numerous visitors get to hear. With strong personal expressiveness, but harmonizing wonderfully as an ensemble.
An inspiration the "rendevouz de chasse" by rossini, intoned from pure natural horns, four on the stairs, four on the stage. The echoing reverberation, the alternating sound variations, a sound that resonates with the soul and opens the heart. Then the "good-for-nothing suite in five movements for six horns with an incorruptible sound, which does not tolerate any unevenness and is also interpreted in this way. In addition poems by joseph von eichendorff, poetry printed in hornertone.
Powerful weight in the second movement of anton bruckner’s 7. Symphony, this time with wagner tubas. Reminiscent of schiffshorner, the sound forces come to the ear, later they move in an almost delicate modulation, the audience is as if in a trance, only some time after the last tone applause and a few cheers arise.
The hollander sound fantasy in the modern cut suggests jazz scores, the film music from "titanic" leads to emotional overpowering in a sadness that can no longer be controlled, the eight speakers on the podium put all their technical skills and individuality into play. This is how horn must sound.
A "godly" the end, reaching deep into wagnerian genius, the pilgrim choir from tannhauser, the bayreuth festival is very close for moments. And finally, something for the way home: "good evening, good night …" The choir hums along quietly in gentle vibrations, the visitors are happy.
Michael losch, horn player at the state philharmonic orchestra nurnberg and organizer of the concert, agrees with host iris freifrau von kunbberg: "we will do it again next year, the resonance and the approval of the guests do not allow anything else".

For the exhibitors the sun came late, but it came. But whether this will save a rainy and snowy martinikirchweih dear? At any rate, the traditional monday morning proceeded in the usual, happy manner. But there it is also mainly about indoor events. The non-working morning for city employees at the vereinshaus and the early pint at the braustube heller were both very well attended.

There will have been just under 250 guests buried by the city’s staff council on monday morning in the clubhouse. All of them got vouchers for food and drink and on top of that a funf-euro-bill; it could be that one or the other or his children or grandchildren still wanted to visit a car shop in the main street. As always, everything was paid for out of the staff council’s coffers.

A high priority at the martini party is the bargaining of city pensioners. This year they were joined by two "guest workers, as norbert lukasczyk noted. Together with heiner kaltenhauber he forms the hard core, both have been there for several decades. Yesterday, the two "at the table of the old supplemented by christoph dickas and ludwig lohmayer. The schafkopf was interrupted only by a minute’s silence for another kartel veteran – hans-heinrich ("kees") weber, who died three years ago.
The city’s fruhschoppen itself dates back to the mid-1950s, as former staff council chairman lukasczyk recalls. He himself had been with the city since 1958, since he was 14 years young "and that was when the fruhschoppen already existed."

Trebgast becomes taka-tuka-land

The ensemble of "pygmalion has opened the premiere series of the nature stage with a successful performance and thus laid the first foundation stone for a successful season. Tomorrow, friday at 20.30 o’clock follows directly the second strike. Then opens until 17. August the "villa kunterbunt" her doors for the small and rough spectators.

The last time a redhead with striking freckles whirled over the stage on the wehlitz hill was seven years ago. Who does not know them? Pippilotta viktualia rollgardina peppermint efraimstochter langstrumpf, the strongest girl in the world. Who hasn’t wished as a child to be as free and brave as pippi and to experience many an adventure with her and her friends annika and tommy??

This time pippi gets a letter with strange stamps on it. He is from her father efraim I. Longstocking. The captain is longing for his daughter and wants to bring her back to the sudsee island of taka-tuka for a while. Of course, mr. Nilsson, annika and tommy are coming along, too. With the "hoppetosse the friends sail across the sea to taka-tuka land, where they have lots of fun with the children there. Fur arger sorgen nur ein hai und zwei piraten (only a shark and two pirates).

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