Hockenheim fights:

The future of formula 1 in germany is more than uncertain. All negotiations about a new contract for the german grand prix have so far remained fruitless. After the race on 22. July at the hockenheimring could be over for the time being.

"I don"t know what will happen next," says georg seiler. The managing director of hockenheimring gmbh takes a new approach to talking to the race series bosses on the fringes of the spanish grand prix at the circuit de barcelona-catalunya this weekend.

Seiler wants formula 1 to return to the hockenheimring after 2019. But he also emphasizes: "we will no longer sign any contract that involves an economic risk. The promotor blood rate is simply too high." Allegedly it should be at 25 million euro. "We are a race track that does not receive any subsidies from the region, the state or the federal government. I would even go so far as to say that the hockenheimring is the only race track in the world that has to be economically self-supporting," says seiler.

Millions of euros in additional funding for species protection in corona times

The coronavirus pandemic threatens species conservation in many places. Village communities and wildlife herders are sometimes unable to carry out their conservation duties because their livelihoods have been lost and they are left to care for their families, the world conservation union (IUCN) reported.

The IUCN, together with the EU commission and the organization of african, caribbean and pacific states (OACPS), is therefore providing six million euros in emergency aid. "Because of the pandemic, many village communities that otherwise protect species are struggling for their own survival, and endangered species are coming under greater threat," said IUCN director general bruno oberle. The money is to be used to develop alternative sources of income for people who otherwise make their living from tourism, for example in nature parks. Management of species protection to be made more resilient.

The pandemic has shown the importance of protecting wildlife to prevent the transmission of disease to humans, said jutta urpilainen, the EU commissioner for international partnerships. The sars-cov-2 coronavirus discovered in china at the end of 2019 may have jumped from wild animals to humans. The money is also intended to help minimize the risk of transmitting human diseases to wild animals, especially great apes. In addition, protection measures are to be strengthened because an increase in poaching is to be expected, according to the IUCN.

A household in a western pocket

Being the proud owner of a finely furnished doll’s house has always been the dream of little girls. But even a dolls home needs a change of scenery. The 15. Miniature brose "very rough on a small scale" in the museum of the german toy industry: throughout the museum house, the hearts of collectors, dollhouse decorators and lovers of all ages nearly overflowed with fascination.
The neustadt museum was transformed into a living "1 in 12 paradise". Tiny dolls, cutely furnished dollhouses, lovingly and comfortably furnished down to the smallest detail, everything useful for daily life filigree made, could be marveled at, admired and purchased. The wide range of exhibitors, who came to neustadt from all corners of germany, gave the visitors childlike joy the whole saturday long. Museum director udo leidner-haber was enthusiastic about the stream of interested visitors.

Still room in the parlor

"I have a doll’s house, a lot still fits in it, just like in real life", grinned katharina wilke from bamberg. She has been a dollhouse owner for 26 years now. "As the years go by, it grows and grows, and then even in the doll’s house you have to jerk the furniture around. I always like to redecorate it", she said, as she looked around with her mother and friend. "We are here, looking and always spending a lot of money", she added with a wink. "And then one sits down at home in front of his house and looks, where what fits best still in it. Then one places it and is pleased, is already, or?"
And because katharina wanted to decorate her dollhouse for christmas, she was looking for tiny christmas tree balls. And it was actually found by glassblower gerd felka from thuringia, who used tweezers to carefully pack the mini glass spheres for transport.
"I came from schwabach near nurnberg and I have a box of miniatures with me. Maybe I could sell something here", ingrid stander says. The doll maker had everything with her that makes a doll’s house comfortable. "Every year for christmas my husband had rebuilt me something from our living room 1 to 12". Granddaughter marie-lena accompanied her grandmother on her mission: "for me, all this is nothing, it’s all very nice, but I’m not at the age where you can furnish yourself with decorations and things like that. I’m a flat-sharing guy and I don’t collect anything".

Decorated heirloom

"As a child my mother left me a doll’s cake with a real stove to cook on. She has a place of honor in my dollhouse. Now I look, what there is still so everything for doll cake, which could fit with me still in it", daniela freyer enthused and her husband carsten grinned.
Barbara leuchtenberg from lippstadt is a regular guest in neustadt, she made the miniature borse popular. The "1 to 12 – the magazine" is her work. She used to model dolls. "Because that simply did not work with the dolls, bars and the miniatures, her idea was to create a miniature borse. She held her first one in soest/westphalia. In the meantime, she has brought europe’s largest exhibition to rheda-wiedenbruck when the soest town hall became too small. "I came to neustadt because one must also support the museums, quite simply. We come here every year".
That’s also what basket maker waldemar backert from michelau does, who conjured up a tiny wicker chair. "I am only 86 years young and was one of the first to participate here in neustadt. I organized this with ingrid schikora back then", said the vital senior. "I am also to blame for the fact that this borse has been going on for so long", grinned backert.

The jusos from forchheim saw themselves as the motor of the SPD when they were founded a year ago. It is not only the SPD’s youth association that thinks this is a good idea. Not only the unanimous re-election of the chairman and the well-filled office, but also the balance sheet of the past year spoke in favor of this.
In their report, chairman paul wichtermann and deputy chairman bettina drummer described the remarkable growth: the juso district association had grown by a third to just under 70 members. The jusos’ activities were also summed up in detail. They had not only taken a stand on content – including the housing project for recognized asylum seekers in reuth – but had also drafted local policy motions on the culture of remembrance.
According to the press release, the jusos had always been visible in the cultural scene. During the election campaign, the jusos were not only present at every information booth, but were also on the road throughout the district, especially in areas where the SPD does not have a local association. In the upcoming election campaign, they want to repeat this, because with list candidate richard schmidt, a juso is also running for the state parliament.
Eva wichtermann, deputy chairwoman of the forchheim local association, was particularly pleased that the jusos had given the forchheim local association a good run for its money. In particular, she highlighted the numerous motions of the jusos, which resulted in lively discussions within the SPD. She was impressed by the rough response to the motion on the culture of remembrance. "You are moving something, here in forchheim, but also at the national level", eva wichtermann summarized. SPD state parliamentary candidate atila karabag emphasized that the jusos were primarily committed to issues long forgotten by the SPD. For example, the youth association has long been vehemently opposed at the federal level to permanent employment contracts – and locally to the culture of remembrance.
In the new elections, chairman paul wichtermann (kersbach) was unanimously confirmed in office by the 15 members present. Lea wolter (forchheim), richard schmidt (hausen), bettina drummer (weilersbach) and marc freisinger (eggolsheim) were elected as his deputies. Justus sprott from forchheim was elected as font driver.
Finally, three motions from the pen of lea wolter were discussed. Awareness of excessive speed should be raised. Especially in the willy-brandt-allee, motorists are driving much too fast. The jusos therefore passed a motion for more speed displays at traffic junctions. It was also decided that municipalities should make it compulsory for every citizen to have an organ donor card from the age of 16. The SPD also wants to repeat this theme in the election campaign, because with the list candidate richard schmidt, a juso is also running for the state parliament. So that everyone is confronted with the issue at least once.
A motion calling for domestic beekeepers was referred back to wolter. It was praiseworthy that communities such as grafenberg had banned pesticides from communal areas. Something has to be done about the disappearance of the bees, is how the chairwoman of the juso subdistrict of bamberg-forchheim, julia schippers, summed up the picture of opinion.

Reducing bad loans:ezb urges banks to make progress

The stock of non-performing loans (npls) "remains high at many institutions and this may ultimately have a negative impact on banks’ lending to the economy," the ECB’s banking supervisor noted.

Southern europe’s banks, in particular, have had to struggle with defaulting loan installments to the very end.

In principle, the european central bank (ECB) considers eurozone banks to be resilient and stable. An unnamed money house, however, failed the examination of the capital requirements. This is the result of the ECB’s regular supervisory review and evaluation process (srep).

The CSU stettfeld’s election event in the completely filled hall of the former gasthof stratz met with great interest. CSU district chairman and member of the state parliament steffen vogel was pleased: "i have been to many events in the context of the upcoming municipal election. But it is rare to have so many interested parties as in stettfeld."

Mayor alfons hartlieb presented the most important topics of his time in office so far, according to a CSU press release. According to hartlieb, who is running for mayor again, a total of around 7.5 million euros has been invested in the town over the past 14 years. According to hartlieb, stable financial resources are the basis for all future projects. "There is no point in building airlocks. Only when the money is there can we tackle new projects."

Above all, the completion of the sewer renovation had to be awaited in order to check the finances of the municipality in detail. Then we must first continue to invest in necessary projects, such as the reconstruction and modernization of the kindergarten, taking into account the current fire protection requirements, before tackling topics such as the design of the village lake, he explained. When developing new building sites, the goal in the future must be to keep them in the hands of the community until actual prospective builders purchase the land. Currently, there are almost 40 developed building sites in the municipality, which have been in private hands for years and are not being built on.

Reports: ministers want to force brexit renegotiation

British prime minister theresa may faces fresh trouble over brexit deal. As reported by the times, citing cabinet circles, five ministers are threatening to resign if may does not push through a change to the so-called backstop.

The backstop is the term used to describe the provisions in the withdrawal agreement that are intended to prevent the need for border controls between the UK’s northern ireland and EU member ireland. It is the most controversial part of the agreement.

Brexit hardliners in may’s conservative party fear that the emergency solution found will become permanent. It provides for the UK as a whole to remain a de facto part of the european customs union. The problem: as a member of the customs union, the uk cannot sign new free trade agreements, such as with the u.S.

Scholz wants stable pension levels

SPD chancellor candidate olaf scholz wants to ensure a stable pension level of 48 percent of average working income.

"Under a CDU/CSU government, every contributor should be prepared for a drop in pension levels," the federal finance minister told the newspaper bild am sonntag. "That will not happen with me. I guarantee a stable pension level of 48 percent." Reservations about funding in the coming decades he does not share. "If there are many jobs with decent wages in germany, the pension is secure."At the end of the decade, the tax subsidy for pensions will certainly have to be increased "somewhat. "That should be worth a secure pension to us," said scholz.

In response to a ruling by the federal fiscal court on double taxation, the finance minister also wants to ease the burden on both contributors and pensioners: "first, I don’t want to make pension contributions fully tax-deductible until 2025, but before that. Secondly, I want to push the full taxation of pensions further back – it is not to take effect until 2060 and not, as previously planned, as early as 2040. All this helps the contributors and pensioners."

Every step has to be right

The day of the first holy communion is an exciting day for young christians.
Antonia drebel and julia rose, two of the 25 first communicants from the st.-the parishioners of st. George's in hochstadt look forward to their sundays. "Because it is the first time that you can receive the body of the lord", explains antonia. "And because you are united with jesus", julia adds. The motto of the first communion is also: "united with jesus".
On thursday at 4 p.M. We had the first rehearsal for the main service. All the children had come to complete one of the two practice sessions together with dean kilian kemmer. "You don't have to be afraid", he assures his proteges. "We practice so well that nothing can go wrong." And then it's off.

The hand to a bowl form

The children line up in front of the house of worship and then enter the church together. Only the festive music is missing. It's not so easy to do a genuflection together before branching off into the pew row. Some of the children are stunned and many of them want to sit down in the pew right away. "You are still young and I am not in an old people's home", says the dean and laughs.
The communion circle around the altar is rehearsed. Also the reception of the body of christ is exactly prescribed. "You must form the hand into a bowl, you must not forget the amen and after you have put the body of christ into the mouth, you fold the hand", dean kemmer explains patiently. "Stay with yourself and don't look around. This is one of the most sacred and important moments of your whole life." As the little ones march back to the pews, he calls out, "the church is not a trim trail, nor is it a sports track! Please go slowly and take one step at a time!" Everything is rehearsed twice and in the end it works quite well.

Water master jochen roll from the municipal utility delivered what he promised on the trip to the main meadows near weyer. The appointment was very interesting and had to be postponed twice because the specialists from the company W. Markgraf gmbh&co KG from bayreuth (active throughout europe, just under 1000 employees) are damn fast.

Heavyweights in action

Two heavyweights are in action. The 30-ton tractor carries a cable winch with an arm-thick traction cable and becomes a "tank" called. The "plow weighs 25 tons and holds with the help of the "sword a "torpedo" up to three meters below the ground. Together they plowed in the up to 40-centimeter-thick steel pipes of the 26-kilometer-long water pipeline from the waterworks at the entrance to the schweinfurt weirs to wohnau at a speed of up to four meters per minute. That there are devices like the tank and the plow "in these dimensions" until the contract was awarded, water master roll had not known that the welded steel pipes would bend with increasing length, so that the most nature-friendly laying technique could be used for the rough project. Roll: "simply fascinating.

The tank rams its sign, a three square meter steel plate, into the ground in front of it. The shield provides the necessary counterpressure and keeps the tracked vehicle in place. Its winch then develops a tractive force of up to 160 tons, which is used to pull the torpedo through the subsoil at a depth of two to three meters by means of the hook of the hauling rope. Attached to this is a several hundred meter long section of the future water pipeline. However, the steel pipe may be subjected to a tension of no more than 85 tons (in the case of plastic pipes, no more than 25 tons). If higher forces act there, the permanent measurement on the pipe switches off the winds.

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