Researchers skeptical about corona relaxations

Federal and state governments have made their far-reaching easing of the corona crisis too early, according to infectious disease researcher michael meyer-hermann.

The number of new infections has risen again in recent days, the head of the department of systems immunology at the helmholtz center for infection research in braunschweig explained on thursday. The exact causes are still uncertain.

There is also skepticism about the agreed so-called emergency brake, according to which from 50 new infections per 100.000 residents in seven days a fencing concept should take effect. The value appears to be far above the current capacities of the health authorities, said rafael mikolajczyk, epidemiologist and institute director of the martin-luther university halle-wittenberg.

Because of corona: unexpected rebirth of the etwashauser fresskerm

In the entire district of kitzingen, the corona pandemic sets the pace in social life and this year is lifting the kirchweih traditions out of their hinges. The corona restrictions largely choked off the traditional customs. So the almost unemployed kirchweih boys had little choice but to go to the pub for kirchweih dinner. In sthashausen, some people may feel like they have been transported back in time more than a century, since the ebshauser kerm was known as the "fresskerm" until 1903.

The origin of the etwashauser kirchweih lies in the year 1754, when the kreuzkapelle was consecrated, which the then prince bishop karl friedrich von schonborn had ordered to be built by the famous master builder balthasar neumann. According to historical records, a week later there was a feast in three taverns. This was also the case until 1904, when the then landlady of the inn zur goldenen gans, laura proschel, took the initiative to excavate the kirchweih and the standerle of the kirchweihburschen in front of the innkeepers.

The call of the kirchweih echoed throughout franconia

This was the end of the pure food culture. Nevertheless, people in the past century took the kirchweih festivities as an opportunity to feast extensively, and binge eating became widespread. As long-serving city councilor hugo weiglein recalls, the etwashauser kirchweih was a household name throughout franconia. Up to 2500 people from nurnberg had traveled to the ebshauser kerm every year to feast on the delicacies in the taverns.

The week: when in the living room main will be puzzled again

Herbert volkamer re-elected mayor of markt einersheim with almost 99 percent of the vote. A dream result that should be celebrated. But a celebration with all his followers was not possible in the corona year, as volkamer reported this week during the mayor's walk through his little village. He had probably invited all those who did not vote for him to a party. The goal should finally be the 100 percent mark in six years' time. Or was that already election manipulation?

The district office, on the other hand, had no choice. If the seven-day incidence in the district rises above 35, general restrictions are threatened again. In some households, this statement has already led to parents taking the already dusty puzzles out of the cellar again, as in march and april. But: the incidence in the district is still at eleven. So continue to wear a mask and keep your distance, then you won't have to do the puzzle again in the fall.

On the chair over the main

For martina ullrich, who runs a travel agency in iphofen, the corona pandemic is a medium catastrophe. At the moment, no one wants to go abroad, not least because of the threat of a quarantine. Maybe ullrich should specialize in trips to the altmain instead. For some people in astheim, reading these lines is enough to make the jugular swell, even though the situation has just eased somewhat with the onset of bad weather. But for ullrich, it could be the jackpot that people usually play for in their lottery business, which they do on the side to keep their heads above water.

Habberge art award 2020 goes to tommy petzold from erlangen

The art award of the district of habberge enjoys supraregional attention. 24 artists participated with 36 works in the current competition. "In the case of the first prize, the jury agreed quite quickly: the complex and unusual work of tommy petzold with the wave-shaped bow of an imaginary ship on its journey through a sea of notes with chemical buzzing formulas has captivated us all", emphasized matthias liebel at the presentation of the art award 2020 in oberschwappach castle.

Project manager renate ortloff from the cultural office of the habberge district began by reminding the audience that the art prize will be awarded for the third time in 2020. There were some obstacles to overcome, as she described. A lightning snowfall had already made it difficult or even impossible for many guests to get to the vernissage. And then the corona crisis interrupted the exhibition weeks. "But against all odds, the exhibition "the elixir of life in the habberge district" was very successful."

The host, knetzgau's mayor stefan paulus, confirmed that the corona epidemic had strongly influenced the exhibition weeks. He described art as "system-relevant".

More than 100.000 confirmed corona infections in france

The number of confirmed coronavirus infections in france has risen to more than 100.000 increased. There were about 103.500 cases registered, health director jerôme salomon said this evening in paris.

At least 15.700 people have died as a result of infection with the sars-cov-2 virus since the pandemic began.

According to an initial analysis, the average age of the dead was 81, salomon said. Around 6,000 death certificates were examined for this purpose. In 68 percent of the cases studied, those affected had had pre-existing heart or neurodegenerative system conditions, severe hypertension, diabetes or cancer, salomon said.

cultural scene sorts itself out after corona shock

The photo has the makings of a symbolic image of the corona crisis in culture. The view falls into the parquet, the red-covered seating with folding seats immediately reveals a theater. But the chairs in the berlin ensemble stand strangely alone on the wooden floor.

Only grids of air shafts are visible, where otherwise more chairs are to be found. The theater has had rows of chairs removed, which were not allowed to be used during virus-related intervals. More publicity is not possible.

Many things are like new after the corona break: going to the movies for the first time again, rediscovering your favorite museum. After an unprecedented collapse, corona now offers the international cultural scene the opportunity for rediscovery and a new beginning. Germany is comparatively far along, but the conditions for artists, providers and culture seekers have changed dramatically.

Verdi: without longer short-time benefits, layoffs are imminent

The services union verdi fears massive job losses in the corona crisis without an extension of short-time pay.

"Then there is a threat of high mab layoffs in the service sector," verdi head frank werneke told the deutsche presse-agentur in berlin. The CDU/CSU and SPD should therefore clear the way for an extension of the short-time allowance.

At this tuesday’s coalition committee, the heads of government are also expected to discuss extending the maximum period for which short-time allowances can be drawn – from 12 to 24 months.

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