Building area “schulstrabe” in munchaurach takes shape

Building area

Nadja christmann from the bamberger buro fur stadtebau presented three designs for the future building area. All designs have in common that a multi-family house is planned. There are also 400 to 600 square meters of large plots for single-family houses with a size of up to 13 x 9 meters. The previous coarser growth is to be retained.

Council member peter jordan (uwb) criticized the fact that there is no reserve land planned for the northeast, which may one day be needed for the school. He is in favor of adding a community needs area here. Konrad kreb (CSU) is against the formation of a dead-end street and, looking to the future, would like to include reichenfelser strabe in the project.

Traffic circle is tested

After extensive discussions, mayor klaus schumann (uwb) once again summarized the wishes for change. It is agreed that variant 3 can be ruled out and that a mixture of the other two variants should be created. The reichenfelser strabe is to be integrated, with the consideration of whether a traffic circle can be realized at this point. In the future building area there should not be so many stichstraben as in the different variants presented. It remains to be determined how many sites will be needed and how many public parking spaces will be created. In one of the next municipal council meetings the incorporated changes are to be discussed.

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