Blowing sound in perfection

Gladiolus bleeding on the tables set with women, an enchanted fairy castle in view. A wide sky over a dreamlike scenery – and in front on the stage eight horn players from the festival hill. The concert in the courtyard could not have been more romantic, bringing a touch of bayreuth to wernstein, uniting the best german virtuosos of this genre.
The horn players from the sudwestfunk baden-baden and the staatsphilharmonie nurnberg to the gewandhausorchester leipzig and the deutsche symphonieorchester berlin reveal in the classical pieces by richard wagner, gioachino rossini, georg friedrich handel and engelbert humperdinck splendid wind movements, perfect use of jubilant brightness and deep dark crooning.
Striking these powerful hornerstobe up into the firmanent, balanced by the perky, leap-ready passages that sound like wavelike propagation.
Each musician masters his instrument to the last detail, it is high blowing art, what the numerous visitors get to hear. With strong personal expressiveness, but harmonizing wonderfully as an ensemble.
An inspiration the "rendevouz de chasse" by rossini, intoned from pure natural horns, four on the stairs, four on the stage. The echoing reverberation, the alternating sound variations, a sound that resonates with the soul and opens the heart. Then the "good-for-nothing suite in five movements for six horns with an incorruptible sound, which does not tolerate any unevenness and is also interpreted in this way. In addition poems by joseph von eichendorff, poetry printed in hornertone.
Powerful weight in the second movement of anton bruckner’s 7. Symphony, this time with wagner tubas. Reminiscent of schiffshorner, the sound forces come to the ear, later they move in an almost delicate modulation, the audience is as if in a trance, only some time after the last tone applause and a few cheers arise.
The hollander sound fantasy in the modern cut suggests jazz scores, the film music from "titanic" leads to emotional overpowering in a sadness that can no longer be controlled, the eight speakers on the podium put all their technical skills and individuality into play. This is how horn must sound.
A "godly" the end, reaching deep into wagnerian genius, the pilgrim choir from tannhauser, the bayreuth festival is very close for moments. And finally, something for the way home: "good evening, good night …" The choir hums along quietly in gentle vibrations, the visitors are happy.
Michael losch, horn player at the state philharmonic orchestra nurnberg and organizer of the concert, agrees with host iris freifrau von kunbberg: "we will do it again next year, the resonance and the approval of the guests do not allow anything else".

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