Best entertainment at the secondary school

Best entertainment at the secondary school

A truly summery party was celebrated on monday afternoon by the students of the realschule hochstadt with teachers, parents and friends. The percussion group loudly opened the festival and then you could stroll all over the school grounds. There was a lot to see and do.

A box race, spinning on lucky wheels, can throwing and goal wall pushing, face painting for children, balloon throwing and more were offered. A rough flea market, soccer target shooting, throwing games and a photo box were also on offer.

Posing in the photobox

In addition to the percussion group, there was even more music on offer. The musical-AG presented their musical "ausgetickt" in the music hall and class 5a received a lot of applause for their song "applause, applause". The 9f showed in an interesting vernissage on the second floor beside many poems, which they had interpreted artistically, also a live performance after the poem "two people" by eve merriam. Here, too, the three students received great applause. An extensive flea market was located in the courtyard and here you could browse to your heart's content. The mountain bike course attracted many brave cyclists and at the photo box you could pose for a picture. There was something for every taste. "An all-round success", said the former principal reinhard bum, who had mingled among the guests. Johanna blum

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