Because of corona: unexpected rebirth of the etwashauser fresskerm

Because of corona: unexpected rebirth of the etwashauser fresskerm

In the entire district of kitzingen, the corona pandemic sets the pace in social life and this year is lifting the kirchweih traditions out of their hinges. The corona restrictions largely choked off the traditional customs. So the almost unemployed kirchweih boys had little choice but to go to the pub for kirchweih dinner. In sthashausen, some people may feel like they have been transported back in time more than a century, since the ebshauser kerm was known as the "fresskerm" until 1903.

The origin of the etwashauser kirchweih lies in the year 1754, when the kreuzkapelle was consecrated, which the then prince bishop karl friedrich von schonborn had ordered to be built by the famous master builder balthasar neumann. According to historical records, a week later there was a feast in three taverns. This was also the case until 1904, when the then landlady of the inn zur goldenen gans, laura proschel, took the initiative to excavate the kirchweih and the standerle of the kirchweihburschen in front of the innkeepers.

The call of the kirchweih echoed throughout franconia

This was the end of the pure food culture. Nevertheless, people in the past century took the kirchweih festivities as an opportunity to feast extensively, and binge eating became widespread. As long-serving city councilor hugo weiglein recalls, the etwashauser kirchweih was a household name throughout franconia. Up to 2500 people from nurnberg had traveled to the ebshauser kerm every year to feast on the delicacies in the taverns.

In 1925, the innkeepers of etwashaus appealed to the german reichsbahn to allow the train to return to wurzburg later on. For this is the opportunity for guests to enjoy the etwashauser kirchweih to the fullest. In consultation with the then mayor of sthashausen, hermann schuster, the eleven innkeepers in sthashausen, under the leadership of the town councillor and innkeeper georg proschel, agreed to provide a guarantee of 150 reichsmarks for the parking of this special train. And also from nurnberg came many a special train with 1200 passengers to the etwashaus church fair.

The kitzingen city archives contain evidence of newspaper advertisements inviting innkeepers to the etwashauser kerm again and again. In 2004, the people of sthashaus proudly celebrated the 100th anniversary of their "brauchtumskirchweih" under the motto "this is who we are – since 1904". They never dreamed that in 2020 there would be a resurrection of the fresskerm.

Old list testifies to the extent of the full-blown egg

In the premiere issue of the church fair newspaper "generaler in 1949, the people of sthashaus called their kerm "the grobte fresskerm far and wide". At the time, the innkeeper georg proschel listed what was eaten at his golden goose on the occasion of the kirchweih celebrations. Proschel’s interesting list included: seven pigs, one cow, two calves, ten pounds of roast meat from each butcher in kitzingen, 35 geese, 60 ducks, 80 roosters, 80 rabbits, and 150 kilograms of carp and sea fish.

This year, traditional events such as the erection of the kirchweih tree, the rude procession with the crowning of the queen or the boys’ ball are cancelled and the children will miss the fairground exhibitors on the bleichwasen. As things stand at present, the only place where there will be an opportunity to eat kirchweih in sthashausen on the third weekend in october will be at the walfisch inn.

Otherwise, according to church fair president markus volbers, the people of sthashaus only want to participate in the church fair and harvest thanksgiving service on monday evening, 19. October, hold on, but because of the construction site not in the chapel of the cross, but in the evangelical city church.

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