Ball games allowed, bolts forbidden

Since the mid-1990s, there has been an agreement between lebenshilfe and the city of forchheim: the playground at the john-F.-kennedy ring can also be used by the public. But the new contract between the two partners leaves one question open. If the meadow of the playground "is not used as a football field", then the ball games will be lost may be used (as it is expressly stated in the contract), ball playing is then fundamentally prohibited there?

The agreement between the city and lebenshilfe was updated by the city council in the main committee. Rechtsrat till zimmer pointed out that the city had invested 69000 euros in 2016 in the redesign of the playground; and is also responsible for the annual tree maintenance. "Therefore, the city wants to be sure that the playground will be used by the public." And also the rough lawn next to the playground equipment.

A lot going on in summer afternoons

Because mentally handicapped people often play there, however, the people in charge at lebenshilfe insist that fubball be dispensed with. As daniel ruckert, the head of administration at lebenshilfe, explained to the FT on friday, there is "a lot going on," especially on sunny summer afternoons on the playground: "then another soccer match, that can become difficult."

The ball game is lost?

Although city councillors martina hebendanz (CSU) and lisa hoffmann (SPD), for example, are pleased that lebenshilfe is prepared to enter into the contract until the year 2027. Playing together with the handicapped children also serves the purpose of inclusion, hoffmann emphasized. Nevertheless, SPD city councillor ute samel is not happy that the children at the john-F.-kennedy "the bolt should be prohibited. The soccer field at ernst-reuter-platz has already been reduced in size. Many children had only small gardens at home. If there is now one less playground, "ball games will be lost", regretted ute samel: "it is very important to me that children can play ball."

It’s not a soccer field without goals

Legal advisor till zimmer emphasizes that no goals will be set up. The children (up to 14 years of age) were still allowed to play ball. Mayor uwe kirschstein (SPD) also believes that the definition of a soccer field is that there are goals on it. But if the children with two sports bags mark a goal and play ball, this could be unproblematic.
-city councillor manfred hummer reminded again of the concern of the lebenshilfe: ball games should not take place for the protection of the lebenshilfe children. Karl-heinz fleckenstein (CSU) suggested putting up a sign prohibiting only the game of fubball. "Kids don’t stick to signs", said manfred hummer.

The ban on bolts is for clarity – so that responsibility is clear in an emergency, says head of administration daniel ruckert. And clarifies: "of course children can throw balls to each other. Playing fubball is not allowed, but when kids pass a ball back and forth, it’s not fubball."

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