So enthusiastic about sports young and old

In front of a large and interested audience, the departments of the gymnastics club presented an excerpt from their varied offer for young and old. The members convincingly showed how many possibilities there are to stay in motion, to keep physically fit and to practice community spirit.
The visitors came for different reasons. "It used to be fun for me, too", said a somewhat older visitor. Already the colorful entrance with the club flag and the matching music was worth seeing. Chairman jurgen gabelein, who acted as moderator, was pleased with the attendance. He emphasized at the beginning that nothing special was introduced for this sports gala. The only thing that matters is to show how the individual exercises are organized in the respective departments.
Winfried weinbeer, chairman of the sud-oberfranken gymnastics association and deputy BLLV district chairman, said that people are born to move. Therefore, the gymnastics clubs are indispensable. The "mixed gymnastics" made the start of the performances, which is heading for its 25th anniversary. Head of department hellmuth kiesewetter said that the exercises were for keeping healthy and brought a gain in quality of life. Using a pezzi ball, bucket and drumsticks, members performed spirited and tactful exercises that resonated with the crowd. "You could join in right away", said one visitor.

Fit through the winter
The department with the oldest followed with the "redwitzer turnzwergen" between two and a half and five years of age the youngest. Accompanied by their moms, dads or even grandparents, they had quickly conquered the hearts of the visitors. Head brigitte ammon stated that the aim was to introduce the participants to sporting activities in a playful way.
"Fit through the winter is the youngest offer, as chairman gabelein know dear. It evolved from the mountain bike group as a counterbalance to cycling, to keep fit in winter as well. In the meantime, however, athletes from all departments took part in the event. Director martin paulusch invited the audience to join in and quickly had a huge gymnastics group in front of him.
Enthusiasm was also shown by the "redwitz sports cannons, second youngest troop of the association, with their leaders elke jahnel, karin gabelein, alexandra martin and kathrin patzold. The little ones had already mastered their exercises on classical gymnastics apparatus, and many people watched with envy as they remained uninhibited.
Martin and nicole paulusch and lisa grunbeck surprised the audience with an extra performance on indoor bicycles. "Riding in the hall is good, but the land is missing", the head of the MTB-kids department stated at the beginning of the game. But with acrobatic exercises and the appropriate music they showed true tricks on the so-called spinning wheels and thus compensated for the missing land.
"The net stands", gabelein moved on to the volleyball department. Individual ball control, impressive moves and team play were demonstrated by the players under the direction of heiko wagner, accompanied again and again by applause. Heiko wagner and jasmin hagenbucher presented their "volleyball kids" as a rather young but already experienced department.

Popular nordic walking
Nordic walking" is still a hot topic, and hellmuth kiesewetter and conny engelmann showed the joy that this brisk movement in the fresh air can bring. While the members did their rounds in the hall, kiesewetter informed about interesting facts and important for the run with the sticks.
The transition to the "mountain bike kids" was a smooth one, who had their own sports equipment with them on their bicycles. Impressive was with the strong troop the safe handling of the bike. Depending on their age, the bikers demonstrated different levels of difficulty and technical exercises, from standing to jumping, under the guidance of their coaches anita and martin paulusch. Wheel control does not come by itself, but requires regular and targeted training.
With much applause the guests confirmed their pleasure in this sports gala, which was not over with the last performance. Many took the opportunity to linger and talk to the training managers and members.

Markus haggberg A n the way to fulfillment, man has difficulties to master. Whether the fulfillment is worth the difficulty is, of course, another question altogether. But around us we find again and again the message of the fulfillment after the moo, and in us the readiness to believe in it. Whoever would like to read that of the fulfillment after the moo even carved in stone, may be shown this at the lichtenfels gymnasium.

"Per aspera ad astra" there is written in a stone what means to reach the stars through the rough. And just as one gets over adversity into heaven, so the stroller in the marketplace has to secure himself in two directions before he arrives at a treasure trove that offers glimpses into its interior and holds ready what has something to say about life: books, books, books.

It stands a bit unhappy, this new addition to the market place. The intention in which it stands, however, is good and carried by kindness. The principle that dwells in it is likewise. People, preferably those from lichtenfels, should take books out of the bookcase and, after reading them, return them or replace them with others. In this way, ideas and information pass from hand to hand, are taken away and put back again. Also somehow romantic, a romance in the small just.

hardened fronts: turkey reacts sharply to u.s. sanctions

After US sanctions against two turkish ministers over american pastor detained in turkey, ankara tightens tone against washington.

The turkish government will take identical countermeasures "without delay", the auben ministry announced. However, the government in ankara did not announce any concrete sanctions against the USA on thursday.

Interior minister suleyman soylu – who is among those targeted by U.S. Sanctions – announced he would bring islamic preacher fethullah gulen, wanted as a coup plotter, from the U.S. To turkey. "We will not leave him there. We will get it!" How exactly he might have done that, dear soylu openly. U.S. So far refuses to extradite gulen as demanded by ankara.

Reichenbach – "our financial situation is very good. We have paid off our debts and are doing well financially", mayor karin ritter (SPD) was pleased, and had every reason to be beaming in view of reichenbach's once again very positive financial development. The 2014 budget has a total volume of about 1.2 million euros. 883,000 euros for the administrative budget and 391,500 euros for the property budget. The loan balance as of 31.12.2014 approx. 165 210 euros. This is offset by a reserve balance of 359 279 euro. Thus, the municipality has a balance of 194,069 euro plus.

High personal contribution
In her final report, ritter gave an overview of the most important measures and resolutions in 2014. The purchase of the digital radio for the fire department with proportional costs for the municipality of 4500 euros, the renovation of the inlet channel of the clearing plant, the purchase of a sweeper as well as the construction of a storage facility for municipal units. The decision for the construction was made in march 2014. To the 22. In december, the m acceptance could be completed with the installation of the gates. Although the invoice for the gates is not yet available, the cost estimate of around 25,000 euros will be significantly undercut due to the high level of own contribution.
The catholic church foundation was granted a subsidy of 1000 euros for the church clock. Further the new version of the cemetery statute and the fee order took place. The new fee regulation had become necessary after the creation of a grave field – the so-called green meadow. The funeral contract was also revised.
The final notices for the extension of the school street have been issued. Thereby one remained within the framework of the pre-payment notices. The extension of the street lighting to the cemetery was approved. In this context, the previously unclear ownership of the street lamp at the parking lot was clarified. After the street lighting of the municipality had ended at the parking lot, the lamp – due to a decision of the church council – now also belongs to the municipality and will be connected with the three new lamps.
The preliminary studies in the field of urban redevelopment have started. Discussions were held with the planner and events with the population, which already brought some ideas. Progress is also being made on the 825th anniversary of reichenbach, which is scheduled for 2015. The celebration will take place on the last weekend in july. "The jubilee should not be as rough as the 800th anniversary celebration. But it should not pass without a trace", explained the mayor. The music groups have already been selected. Some associations, institutions and private persons had already agreed to participate. Further details will be clarified at the january meeting.
Ritter included in her review a thank you to the head of the office, administrator thomas weber, to the employees of the administrative community of teuschnitz and the municipality of reichenbach as well as to all volunteers in the municipality for their commitment.
She thanked the municipal council and dean thomas hauth for their harmonious cooperation. The positive development of the municipality is also due to the good cooperation in the committee. "That was super", she praised and hoped that the newly elected board would continue to work together as it has over the past six years.

Apple with first profit decline in almost ten years

Year-on-year, however, this meant a drop of a good 18 percent. Sales increased by 11.2 percent to 43.6 billion dollars in the second quarter ended march, as the company announced after the US close on tuesday.

Apple sold 37.4 million iphones and 19.5 million ipad tablets in the past quarter. A year ago, there were 35.1 million iphones and 11.8 million iphads sold. Sales of mac computers stagnated at just under four million.

A slump in iphone sales, which was speculated about in media reports and analyst commentaries, did not materialize. Although sales could not be compared with the record 47.8 million iphones sold in the previous christmas quarter, the more affordable ipad is still a growth driver. However, business is increasingly weak after the festive season. The very strong previous year’s quarter was an exception with its profit of 11.6 billion dollars. This was partly due to the launch of the iphone 4S in china. This time, there was no such profit driver.

A household in a western pocket

Being the proud owner of a finely furnished doll’s house has always been the dream of little girls. But even a dolls home needs a change of scenery. The 15. Miniature brose "very rough on a small scale" in the museum of the german toy industry: throughout the museum house, the hearts of collectors, dollhouse decorators and lovers of all ages nearly overflowed with fascination.
The neustadt museum was transformed into a living "1 in 12 paradise". Tiny dolls, cutely furnished dollhouses, lovingly and comfortably furnished down to the smallest detail, everything useful for daily life filigree made, could be marveled at, admired and purchased. The wide range of exhibitors, who came to neustadt from all corners of germany, gave the visitors childlike joy the whole saturday long. Museum director udo leidner-haber was enthusiastic about the stream of interested visitors.

Still room in the parlor

"I have a doll’s house, a lot still fits in it, just like in real life", grinned katharina wilke from bamberg. She has been a dollhouse owner for 26 years now. "As the years go by, it grows and grows, and then even in the doll’s house you have to jerk the furniture around. I always like to redecorate it", she said, as she looked around with her mother and friend. "We are here, looking and always spending a lot of money", she added with a wink. "And then one sits down at home in front of his house and looks, where what fits best still in it. Then one places it and is pleased, is already, or?"
And because katharina wanted to decorate her dollhouse for christmas, she was looking for tiny christmas tree balls. And it was actually found by glassblower gerd felka from thuringia, who used tweezers to carefully pack the mini glass spheres for transport.
"I came from schwabach near nurnberg and I have a box of miniatures with me. Maybe I could sell something here", ingrid stander says. The doll maker had everything with her that makes a doll’s house comfortable. "Every year for christmas my husband had rebuilt me something from our living room 1 to 12". Granddaughter marie-lena accompanied her grandmother on her mission: "for me, all this is nothing, it’s all very nice, but I’m not at the age where you can furnish yourself with decorations and things like that. I’m a flat-sharing guy and I don’t collect anything".

Decorated heirloom

"As a child my mother left me a doll’s cake with a real stove to cook on. She has a place of honor in my dollhouse. Now I look, what there is still so everything for doll cake, which could fit with me still in it", daniela freyer enthused and her husband carsten grinned.
Barbara leuchtenberg from lippstadt is a regular guest in neustadt, she made the miniature borse popular. The "1 to 12 – the magazine" is her work. She used to model dolls. "Because that simply did not work with the dolls, bars and the miniatures, her idea was to create a miniature borse. She held her first one in soest/westphalia. In the meantime, she has brought europe’s largest exhibition to rheda-wiedenbruck when the soest town hall became too small. "I came to neustadt because one must also support the museums, quite simply. We come here every year".
That’s also what basket maker waldemar backert from michelau does, who conjured up a tiny wicker chair. "I am only 86 years young and was one of the first to participate here in neustadt. I organized this with ingrid schikora back then", said the vital senior. "I am also to blame for the fact that this borse has been going on for so long", grinned backert.

US astronaut sunita williams and her japanese colleague akihiko hoshide needed six hours and 28 minutes for the work in space, according to the US space agency nasa.

It was the second "spacewalk" for the two astronauts within a week, after the repair of the first attempt failed due to a jammed bolt. The ISS is now receiving electricity from all eight solar panels again, it was announced. Previously, only five modules had been working due to the damage; less important instruments had been switched off to save power.

Williams and hoshide first unscrewed the box, then reattached it more firmly and securely. In addition, the space shooters cleaned the manifold at a height of about 400 kilometers and installed a camera on a robotic arm. Three russian cosmonauts and another U.S. Astronaut supervised the risky manover aboard the ISS.

Where to put the clear sludge?

The topic of clear sludge has been under discussion in the rhonallianz for a relatively long time now. Now it should go a step further. Namely, with the signing of the agreement on inter-municipal cooperation in the field of municipal clear sludge processing and clear sludge disposal between the municipalities of the rhonallianz and the municipal utilities of bad bruckenau.

Mayor alexander schneider briefly summarized the content of the concept in the youngest meeting of the market town council on wednesday. The background is the increasing challenges of environmental and water protection. Sharply rising disposal costs and the fundamental reluctance of farmers and disposal companies to accept waste are forcing us to take action.

It is planned to draw up an economic concept for central clear sludge dewatering, including the quantities and times of removal at the respective sites, and to put the clear sludge transport out to tender. A pro-rata billing concept is also to be drawn up for joint investments in a clarifying sludge press and expansions or adaptations in the area of the clarifying plant in trubenbrunn.

Hope for ceasefire in syria

However, the al-nusra front group, which is affiliated with the al-qaeda terrorist network, announced that there would be no cease-fire between it and the assad government. The group had already claimed responsibility for bombings on several occasions.

Official syrian expectations were also dampened shortly after brahimi’s announcement. A decision will not be made until thursday, it was said in damascus. Currently, a ceasefire is being tested by the army leadership.

Brahimi expressed optimism in the egyptian capital. If this initiative succeeds, it could be the start of a political process to resolve the 19-month conflict, the algerian diplomat said.

After the funeral by chairman matthias huttl, mayor gotthard schlereth praised all those who take on honorary office and thus responsibility. He thanked TSV oberthulba for its energetic support in the implementation of the herbert neder sports park and also held out the prospect of renovation of the hall floor in the multipurpose hall.
For matthias huttl, the inauguration of the herbert neder sports park was a high point of the past year. He once again thanked all the helpers, also from the other associations: "this was a good sign for the village community."
In his further remarks, he praised the U13 and U15 girls’ tennis teams for their remarkable successes. In the field of youth soccer, all age groups are covered. A little worry about the 1. Fubball team, which is still fighting to keep its place in the district class. Here, trainer oliver schonwiesner threw in the towel during the second half of the season. Stefan eyrich-halbig and gunter pfulb stepped into the breach for him. The club has a total of 647 members, including 200 young people. He thanked all the companies and sponsors who support the club. After the reports of the department heads of the different sports followed the honors and the new elections. With the exception of the position of the getrankewart, all positions could be filled.

Thanks for commitment

After the election, matthias huttl presented a gift to each member who left the board or took over a new office, and thanked them once again for their tireless efforts. Looking ahead to upcoming events, he recalled the sports festival on the first weekend of july.
Under the agenda item "requests and motions," dr. Albin friedrich the word. He used his own example to explain how integration took place in his town 25 years ago and was pleased about all that TSV oberthulba offers for the integration of new citizens.For mayor gotthard schlereth, integration "starts first with the children". He thanked all those who had agreed to take on posts: "this deserves the greatest respect."

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