After cancellation on the danube: 20 water rescue teams plunge into the wild rodach river

After cancellation on the danube: 20 water rescue teams plunge into the wild rodach river

Actually, the BRK water patrol wanted to swim in the danube. The traditional new year’s swim in neuburg in upper bavaria, for which the people of wallenfels had been preparing for weeks, like 2200 other swimmers, had to be canceled due to high water.
The people of wallenfels, however, did not want to let their winter swim be taken away from them. Spontaneously, the club leaders around the chairman armin bandorf came up with the idea to hold their own swimming event in the wild rodach.
The technical director christian stumpf took over the organization with a young team of the local group. After a safety inspection of the river, which was known as a flob stretch in the summer, the green light could be given.

Six groups are at the start

No less than 20 experienced winter swimmers from the six BRK water guard groups of trebgast, mainleus, stadtsteinach, thurnau, ebermannstadt and wallenfels donned neoprene suits on saturday to protect themselves from the cold over. At a water temperature of four degrees and a relatively pleasant air temperature of eight degrees, they set out on the river
high wellesbach at the emperor’s weir in the floods.
While in the first part of the swim to the camping site in wallenfels only about 50 centimeters had to be enough for swimming and some had bottom contact, the course of the river becomes deeper from the bridge in kostenbach valley onwards.
Now the swimmers got into a bit of a danube atmosphere after all; they loved to drift with the current. The necessary safety was provided by experienced water rescuers on land, who accompanied their club colleagues on the parallel route. At the weirs, however, the swimmers fall in love with the water for safety reasons.
After almost three kilometers and an hour in the cold water, the winter swimmers emerged safely from the not quite so wild rodach this time.
Christian draht from the kulmbach district association emphasized the important training effect for the young fliewasser rescuers, who were trained in wallenfels especially during the summer flob trips to the
come on the scene.
15-year-old eric frohmel from wallenfels was relieved that the water was not quite as cold as expected and that the neoprene suit provided sufficient protection. "But the current was already strong, even stronger than in the rough danube", he said. The same age eva muller was enthusiastic. Even though she had cold hands despite wearing protective gloves and sometimes went underwater on the rapids, she would do it again anytime.

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