A new game brings back memories of napoleon’s stop in kronach

a new game brings back memories of napoleon's stop in kronach

A board game from france ensures that the historical connection between napoleon bonaparte and france, and especially with the district and the city of kronach, receives a little more attention outside the region. From today until next sunday, 28. October, becomes "napoleon 1806" presented to hundreds of thousands of visitors at the games fair in essen.

Napoleon in the city

Kronach, lichtenfels, bamberg, kulmbach and coburg also appear on the map of the strategy game. How close this depiction of napoleon's preuben campaign is to reality and what significance the french and their soldier emperor had for the region, is explained by alexander sub, a museum expert from kronach: "on the 8th of august, the french were the first soldiers in the region. October 1806 napoleon came to kronach", he tells.

There he had stayed for a few hours in the parish house. In the presence of high officers he rode to the fortress for an inspection at 1 p.M. He quickly chose this as the ideal base and possible retreat for his troops. From kronach, he finally issued the order to attack preuben, which led to the famous battles at jena and auerstedt.

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