A lively start to the summer

A lively start to the summer

Under the motto "light and buoyant into the summer" invited the mannergesangverein "fidelia" munchaurach invited guests to the summer party, and five guest choirs celebrated the 145th anniversary of the founding together with the hosts.Birthday of the club.
First the federal and district choir leader of the french sangerbund, gerald fink, and the group chairwoman of the aurach sangergruppe, emilie meier, provided a high point of the afternoon in the playground of the elementary school with the honors for active singing in the choir.
For almost unbelievable 70 years of active singing in the choir, 89-year-old richard ammon from munchaurach was given a special spotlight by the leader of the national choir and received much applause from the visitors. "It is not common for our choirs in the sangerbund to honor active choir members for such a long time, such an anniversary is a rarity", emphasized gerald fink at the presentation of the certificates. Manfred bock, chairman of the munchaurach choir, was no less proud of the choir members who have been loyal to the choir for ten, 25 and 50 as well as 60 years, who never miss a rehearsal and are present at almost all performances.
The "fidelia" was the opening act under the direction of waldemar welker with "weekend and sunshine" herself, and with "es strahlt die welt im sonnigen suden am blauen seer" (the world shines in the sunny south on the blue sea) the sun was also shining from the sky, so "greek wine" could not be missing at the end of the event at the end of the event. Neither did the countrywomen’s choir under the direction of sandra haagen, which has participated for years in the summer festival and concerts in munchaurach. Also the young choir
"voicegarden", conducted by kerstin maier, got for "sunny" and "the rose as well as "don’t stop me now by "queen much applause and there was an encore.
The second part of the afternoon was opened by the chorus association falkendorf-kriegenbrunn, which has been directed by karl wieser for a few weeks now. The lively choir director cornelia schmid also attracted a lot of attention with her folk choir and the songs "uber den wolken" ("above the clouds") and "lollipop as well as "veronika, der lenz ist da" (veronica, the spring is here), which animated the listeners to bob along and snap their fingers.

Songs of wanderlust

This year, the chairman manfred bock was able to present the "aischtal-shantys" by from neustadt buried a new choir. Under the direction of rose enzensberger, a breeze of the elemental force of the oceans blew through the schoolyard with the seamen’s choir. The choir sang with passion about wanderlust, foreign countries, storms and the sea. Including the well-known "aloha oe and "there is no woman like freedom", and the choir could not avoid an encore. With their lively songs, the seamen’s choir led the way to the brass band music with the "alumni" from aurachtal over.
Because of the birthday, the chairman manfred bock gave a short review of the chronicle of the mannergesangverein "fidelia", which was founded in 1873 in the butcher’s shop gugel in munchaurach. Later, in the inn of the active singer konrad maier a sangerstube was established to hold the singing rehearsals. From 1901 to 1924, the unforgettable christian bodenschatz led the choir, this time was the first bleeding time for the fidelia. Christian bodenschatz was able to bring the choir to a remarkable level of performance through his musical and pedagogical skills. June 1923, in the midst of inflation and shortly after the first world war, the 50th anniversary of the foundation was celebrated and the first club flag was purchased.
The work of the association as well as the singing in the choir was stopped during the second world war. In 1948, choir rehearsals began again under the direction of teacher willi zotzmann.
On the 29th. And 30. May 1954 was the 80th anniversary of the foundation. In 1968, a choir community was founded with the neighboring choirs from neundorf and falkendorf, and they have participated together on special occasions. From 1. Until 3. June 1973 was the 100th anniversary. Anniversary of the association celebrated together with the group sanger festival of the aurach sanger group.
The zelter plaque was presented to the association in 1980 by the deputy minister-president karl hillermeier in the city theater amberg. In 2005, a summer party was held for the first time, and since then it has been held regularly with ever-changing choirs of participants.

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