a new game brings back memories of napoleon's stop in kronach

A board game from france ensures that the historical connection between napoleon bonaparte and france, and especially with the district and the city of kronach, receives a little more attention outside the region. From today until next sunday, 28. October, becomes "napoleon 1806" presented to hundreds of thousands of visitors at the games fair in essen.

Napoleon in the city

Kronach, lichtenfels, bamberg, kulmbach and coburg also appear on the map of the strategy game. How close this depiction of napoleon's preuben campaign is to reality and what significance the french and their soldier emperor had for the region, is explained by alexander sub, a museum expert from kronach: "on the 8th of august, the french were the first soldiers in the region. October 1806 napoleon came to kronach", he tells.

There he had stayed for a few hours in the parish house. In the presence of high officers he rode to the fortress for an inspection at 1 p.M. He quickly chose this as the ideal base and possible retreat for his troops. From kronach, he finally issued the order to attack preuben, which led to the famous battles at jena and auerstedt.

The weekend in neuenburg was once again a state of emergency. The hamlet of weisendorf celebrated its kerwa for two days.
Since 1992, the people of neuenburg have once again had a kerwa in their town. Since then, christoph kern has been responsible for organizing the event, and he can rely on numerous helpers when it comes to setting up and preparing the event, serving drinks and working at the barbecue.
For the last ten years there has also been a tree in neuenburg again. Every year, the kerwa boys receive this from a farmer from hannberg, who donates it to celebrate the kerwa. The adults let the children go first, and this year too they were eager to do so.
Josef wenzel brought the tree to the small festival square in neuenburg with his deutz bulldog, built in 1958. Previously, the children had decorated the crown with colorful banners and wrapped the trunk with the french colors red and female. Moreover, a female/red flag with the french revenge adorns the top of the tree.
With the support of the adults, the slender tree was brought upright in a short time. The young kerwas boys wedged the tree in the hole in the ground with great zeal.
After that gerhard wenzel could tap the first barrel of beer. The first cruets went to the numerous helpers, without whom the festival could not take place.
Tables, benches, a stage and a tent were set up in the open air in case of rain. In the shade of the trees it was nice to linger in the pleasant temperatures and enjoy the food and drinks. An additional bouncy castle was set up for the children.

The sludge screw press and finances

On the extensive land of the clearing plant of the waste water association upper lauer north of poppenlauer stands for some months a third hall. It protects a so-called screw press, which was newly purchased and dewaters the clarified sludge from the clarification plants of poppenlauer and recently also from munnerstadt.

For a few days now, the plant has been producing a black substance that laymen could mistake for coal from the coal cellar. It is not combustible, however, because it still contains 70 percent water, and it is not odorless like coal. All in all, the new plant cost a good half million euros, which the member municipalities have to pay as a levy.

Dewatering more and more expensive

The clarification plant in poppenlauer produces about 8000 cubic meters of clarified sludge per year with a water content of about 97.5 percent. In the past, it was used as a fertilizer in agriculture, but this is hardly possible today due to strict regulations. Every few months, an external service provider used to come and dewater this clear sludge with his mobile press. The dewatered substance was then taken to a cement plant in karlstadt – not as fuel, however, but as a coolant for the incineration process. "Dewatering has become more expensive from year to year", mabbach mayor matthias klement (CSU), who is also chairman of the upper lauer wastewater association, explained at a local meeting.

Curtain up for the 3. Children's culture week

For the third time, many coburg institutions open their doors for children’s culture week. A varied program to participate in and try out awaits you from the 2. Until 8. November on all children between six and twelve years of age. Free admission to museums, guided tours, reading time, workshops and much more are offered during the vacation week to bring children closer to culture in a variety of areas, according to a press release. Mayor dominik sauerteig will also be actively involved in the children’s culture week with a children’s consultation hour in the town hall, where he answers the questions of the little burghers. "I am looking forward to being actively involved in the children’s culture week and hope to see many interested young visitors."

Local radio station radio eins is taking part in the event with a children’s radio program that will be broadcast for two hours. Small moderators are sought. Third mayor thomas nowak will also take part in the children’s program with a story: "the children’s culture week is a good chance for children to come into contact with our cultural institutions for the first time", says nowak.

The aim is to do just that and to give young people access to cultural education: "culture is an important component of education. Not every child has the opportunity to gain experience in the cultural field, but we want to change that a bit with the free children’s culture week, says bianca haischberger, head of the staff unit coburg – the family city and demography.

Hockenheim fights:

The future of formula 1 in germany is more than uncertain. All negotiations about a new contract for the german grand prix have so far remained fruitless. After the race on 22. July at the hockenheimring could be over for the time being.

"I don"t know what will happen next," says georg seiler. The managing director of hockenheimring gmbh takes a new approach to talking to the race series bosses on the fringes of the spanish grand prix at the circuit de barcelona-catalunya this weekend.

Seiler wants formula 1 to return to the hockenheimring after 2019. But he also emphasizes: "we will no longer sign any contract that involves an economic risk. The promotor blood rate is simply too high." Allegedly it should be at 25 million euro. "We are a race track that does not receive any subsidies from the region, the state or the federal government. I would even go so far as to say that the hockenheimring is the only race track in the world that has to be economically self-supporting," says seiler.

Defendant must first blow into the pipe

It’s not often that a defendant has to take an alcohol test before the start of a trial at the local court. On tuesday it was so. Otherwise, the man charged with resisting law enforcement officers appeared sorted and friendly.

The 37-year-old, who was declared fit to stand trial, admitted to one mab of beer at breakfast time after the test before judge alexander zenefels. Four points were raised by public prosecutor julia haderlein against the bad staffelsteiner. So he is said to have entered in july 2018 an apartment door, which was his, but does not belong to the rent resident. Damage to property therefore.

In august, on the other hand, he had entered a game venue in lichtenfels, even though he had been banned from there. When it was pointed out to him and he was expelled from the store, his behavior increased even more, according to the testimony of a woman employed at the restaurant. "He also ran riot." When police officers arrived, the 37-year-old man fell to the ground and said he was "assholing himself" see. The alcohol test at the time showed that the man was driving with 1.4 parts per thousand.

Weisendorf senior carnival goes down well

By ortwin fischer

60 visitors – more than ever before – were welcomed by the weisendorf mayor to the 6. Ocumenical senior carnival buried. The first visitors arrived shortly after 1 p.M., although the official start was scheduled for 2 p.M. "Tritthart and friends had provided enough cakes and pies, the team of the evangelic parish under the leadership of margit gegner for drinks and a smooth running. For the mood music was ekkehard koch in preserved manner responsible.

Naturally, the weisendorfer blummazupfer were there with their purzel-garde – this time in pippi longstocking costumes – and the young dance guard. Because the purzel still needed some time for their subes outfit, kapt'n hans, alias 3, got into the car. Mayor hans kreiner, already in the butt. He told of man's best and indispensable friend – the handkerchief. He also told some senior jokes and asked quiz questions. The blummazupfer inspired with their garden, especially the still very loose acting furzel, while the dance guard already performed with much seriousness and eagerness. Before the veren marched off, there were decorations for hans kreiner and the 90-year-old and thus oldest participant otto mack.

Researchers skeptical about corona relaxations

Federal and state governments have made their far-reaching easing of the corona crisis too early, according to infectious disease researcher michael meyer-hermann.

The number of new infections has risen again in recent days, the head of the department of systems immunology at the helmholtz center for infection research in braunschweig explained on thursday. The exact causes are still uncertain.

There is also skepticism about the agreed so-called emergency brake, according to which from 50 new infections per 100.000 residents in seven days a fencing concept should take effect. The value appears to be far above the current capacities of the health authorities, said rafael mikolajczyk, epidemiologist and institute director of the martin-luther university halle-wittenberg.

The search engine group has been a leader in the use of geodata for mobile devices so far. But it is expected that apple will replace the current google maps on iphone and ipad with its own service.

Among the innovations at google are 3D representations of major cities in the mobile version of the google earth satellite imagery service, as the manager in charge, brian mcclendon, announced in san francisco. By the end of the year, numerous metropolitan regions with a total population of 300 million people will be explored in three-dimensional views, primarily in the USA, but also in europe.

Google invests "a lot of heart and soul in (…) maps that literally map the entire world, that are increasingly practical and yet easy to use," mcclendon wrote on the company’s blog.

Millions of euros in additional funding for species protection in corona times

The coronavirus pandemic threatens species conservation in many places. Village communities and wildlife herders are sometimes unable to carry out their conservation duties because their livelihoods have been lost and they are left to care for their families, the world conservation union (IUCN) reported.

The IUCN, together with the EU commission and the organization of african, caribbean and pacific states (OACPS), is therefore providing six million euros in emergency aid. "Because of the pandemic, many village communities that otherwise protect species are struggling for their own survival, and endangered species are coming under greater threat," said IUCN director general bruno oberle. The money is to be used to develop alternative sources of income for people who otherwise make their living from tourism, for example in nature parks. Management of species protection to be made more resilient.

The pandemic has shown the importance of protecting wildlife to prevent the transmission of disease to humans, said jutta urpilainen, the EU commissioner for international partnerships. The sars-cov-2 coronavirus discovered in china at the end of 2019 may have jumped from wild animals to humans. The money is also intended to help minimize the risk of transmitting human diseases to wild animals, especially great apes. In addition, protection measures are to be strengthened because an increase in poaching is to be expected, according to the IUCN.

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