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10.2014 A busy year delivering three sales centers and technical designs for several projects including Asseria to Iberia at the Met and Chinese American: Inclusion/Exclusion at the New York Historical Society for RH Guest Exhibits.

10.2013 4274-created binaural audio/visual tour of West Point Foundry Preserve launched Oct. 19th in Cold Spring,NY.
Enter foundrytour.org on Droid and iOS devices, Chrome and Safari are the best browsers to use.
Link to the project
Link to WSJ news

9.2013 Sheep Station at 10th Avenue and 24th Street in NYC opened September 17th and runs through October 20th. 4274's Scott Guerin was technical design director for the project that was produced in 12 hectic days. Project link

7.2013 Just delivered a 1:1400 model of Belle Grove Plantation circa 1820 designed and fabricated by 4274. Project link

3.2013 We are very pleased to announce the award to 4274 for the development of a mobile application for Scenic Hudson's West Point Foundry Preserve. With team members Carl Rusk Audio Productions and Luxurious Animals.

1.2013 It's been a busy fall and early winter with two ALVR projects, three projects for AV&C, and continuing work for Belle Grove.

9.2012 Just opened! 4274 worked with project lead Keith Ragone, writer Ellen Snyder-Grenier, media producer Night Kitchen, and fabricator R.H. Guest, to design and build over 4,000 square feet of exhibits at the Philadelphia History Museum

8.2012 Since opening in March, the Empire State Building's iVIEW tour has been rented over 20,000 times!

7.2012 4274 is working on a number of new projects this summer, including the fourth in a series of exhibits for the Germantown History Center at the c.1746 Parsonage, exhibits at Belle Grove Plantation in Middletown, Virginia, and ongoing work with A La Vieille Russie in New York City.

5.2012 Belle Grove Historic Plantation, a National Trust for Historic Preservation site, has retained 4274 to begin design of the first phase of exhibits in their Welcome Center. Click for more...

3.2012 We are proud to announce the launch of the Empire State Building's iVIEW multimedia tour. Almost 300 units are available to rent. The sales area, custom protective cases, and user interface were designed by 4274. Click for more...

2.2012 In concert with R.H. Guest Exhibits, 4274 is providing technical design and management for projects at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and, in Puerto Rico, at the Centro Criollo de Ciencia y Tecnologia de Caguas.

1.2012 For A La Vieille Russie, a 12' x 24' booth was designed and produced by 4274 for installation at the the Winter Antiques Show at the Park Avenue Armory in New York City. The project was completed in six weeks with a team from the mid-Hudson Valley. Click for more...

11.2011 At the recently reopened Philadelphia History Museum, 4274-designed components have been installed (photo at right.) These include a reception desk built from wood salvaged from Independence Hall during the recent renovation of the clocktower; and the Orientation Galley which features significant artifacts from over 300 years of Philadelphia's history. Click for more...

10.2011 Mechanical Wonders: The Sandoz Collection has opened at A La Vieille Russie at 59th and 5th in Manhattan. Designed by 4274 over the course of six months, the exhibition includes high-security cases for three Faberge eggs, as well as renovated cases for 60 other objects. Click for more...

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